John Anthony West

John Anthony West



The impact that John Anthony West had on the world cannot be overstated. Though his research spanned a great deal of subject matter, he is best known for his work in Egypt. While studying Schwaller de Lubicz, he noticed that the Sphinx and it’s enclosure showed signs of water weathering. Once Dr Robert Schoch was brought on board as a geological specialist, it was confirmed that the deep vertical fissures in the structure could have been made by no other agent than heavy, continuous rainfall. However, no rain has fallen in the Sahara for thousands of years and this would push the minimum age of the Sphinx back several millennia. With this single fact, West and Schoch utterly toppled the entire timeline of the origin of human civilization. The Sphinx was attributed to Pharaoh Khafre (c. 2558–2532 BC), but West claims that it was built closer to 10,500 BC or else far earlier and he has a much better case than the case for Khafre. In other words, he effectively proved that the Sphinx, and therefore the origins of human civilization, must be nearly three times older than everyone believes, AT LEAST… (12,500 years ago rather than 4,500)

The Serpent in the Sky is West’s groundbreaking account of the level of genius that was present on earth before the days of dynastic Egypt. He strongly suggests that our view of progress itself is flawed – that we do not simply ascend from primitive to intellectual in a straight line, but we are constantly rising or falling in consciousness as we progress through alternating light and dark ages. John showed that the Egyptians followed the precessional cycle of the Earth’s axis and tracked the effects of the ages within the great cycle. He showed that this grand cycle of 25,920 was also represented in the Hindu Yuga system, and the Mayan long count calendar.

In 1993 West released The Mystery of the Sphinx – a documentary featuring Charlton Heston as narrator, for which he received an Emmy award for best Original Research. He later released an eight part series entitled Magical Egypt, which is an absolute goldmine of a show detailing the incredible sophistication within every facet of early Egyptian culture. It demonstrates a thousand times over that advanced civilizations must have been present in prehistoric times in order to allow for the intricate sciences and arts that are demonstrably present in such times.

In 1991 and 1993, West and Schoch led a team to carry out a survey of the bedrock beneath the Sphinx. Ever since Edgar Cayce predicted the existence of an Atlantean Hall of records underneath the Sphinx’s front paws, many had been interested to know if there was any truth to this claim. West and Schoch once again added their names to history by discovering Cayce’s legendary sub-Sphinx chamber. Their conclusion – the seismic survey indicated the existence of several unexplored tunnels and cavities in the bedrock beneath the Sphinx, including a large rectangular chamber at a depth of some 25 feet beneath the monuments front paws. This was West’s second major breakthrough, though unfortunately, apparently no one has been able to access the chamber to this day. Schoch, Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock and others have all loaned support in calling for an investigation of the chamber, though the subject is broadly suppressed by the ‘Quackademics’, as John often called them; or the ‘Church of Progress’.

John hosted tours of Egypt, giving his symbolist teachings that allowed travelers to see into the inner purposes of every stone of every temple  and also wrote the definitive guide to the temples therein – The Traveller’s Key to Ancient Egypt. Until his work, very few could understand the esoteric core of the Egyptian cosmology and fewer still could explain it to a layperson. Even Schwaller’s works were quite impenetrable without West’s breakdown. John focused on the evidence – the clear data that was showing a world of advanced science, mathematics, technology and metaphysical wisdom in the ages that historians rarely touch. By calling out the Egyptological community on this massive and painfully evident mistake, he established the archaeological revolution that would become known as the Symbolist School of Egyptology. John was the father of the Symbolist School, and Schwaller the grandfather.

West was the catalyst for many independent researchers who began investigating this mystery and adding support from all over the world that effectively strengthens the argument that highly advanced civilizations did indeed exist in PRE-HISTORIC times and that they appear to have been in contact with each other across continents and oceans. Many of the following authors on the OM100 list have John to thank for opening up the field of play and throwing down a raw, indisputable case on which they can build.

In his final years, he was still working on strengthening this great case, and was largely convinced that Gobekli Tepe in southern Turkey was another ‘smoking gun’ discovery that effectively proves that extremely advanced societies were present over 12,000 years ago.

All this, is why John Anthony West is so high on our list – because he was the first to bring tangible proof to the table – because he inspired so many others to question the big-picture timeline – because he tenaciously defended his case against close minded critics for decades, and while doing so, earned a reputation for his sharp-tongued satirical wit.

John was also a personal friend of mine {OPUSMAGNUM’s} and was my own personal guide to the mysteries of the ancient world. He will be greatly missed. I am personally grateful to have found his work before discovering all the rest, as I believe it provides the perfect gateway into understanding the level of consciousness that can be attained when humans build a real civilization. It is a sound foundation on which to build the theory of a forgotten ancestor civilization and, consequentially, it the the trojan horse that has allowed the word ‘ATLANTIS’ to sneak into academic circles. It’s safe to say that West believed the Egyptians were far superior to our modern cultures in many ways, but specifically in their knowledge of higher worlds – of life beyond death and eternal consciousness. He believed, and demonstrated, that we have much to learn from them.


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