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The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Manly Palmer Hall




Manly Palmer Hall was perhaps the most prolific occult philosopher of the 20th century. His entire life was a search for knowledge. He collected art, books and philosophies from around the world, and from every age. He became, in his later life, a veritable fountain of esoteric teachings, which came ushering forth in his countless books, essays and lectures. In the 1920s and 30s Hall built an immense library of rare, alchemical, metaphysical and historical documents. In 1934 he founded the Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles, which has basically served the function of ‘Alexandrian Library of the United States’ to this day. It also encompasses a publishing company and an online university. Learn more at

Hall was known as a brilliant orator and his lectures are nearly as well known as his books. There have been audio collections available for purchase, but they are no longer easy to find. Unfortunately many of these audio files are a bit hard to understand due to the quality, but many are being cleaned and remastered these days. We have included a collection that is complete from a few years ago, though some files are not the best quality. CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE LECTURES AUDIO FILES. You may also make use of Opus Magnum’s Essential Manly Hall Youtube Playlist. If you make use of these files, please consider making a contribution to the UPR here

Hall enjoyed the company of many interesting and influential characters including Nicholas Roerich. He was especially fascinated by Helena Blavatsky, theosophy and the sacred books of the far east, but also the Hermetic based traditions of the Middle East. In 1973 he became a 33rd degree Freemason but a full 47 years earlier, at the age of 27 he published his masterpiece – The Secret Teachings of All Ages. (We recommend the first edition in this line. It’s the biggest and shows the most detail of the beautiful commissioned paintings by J. Augustus Knapp…)

And it’s companion volume, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy…

Here are a few others that Opus Magnum HIGHLY recommends. (Keep in mind some of these towards the bottom are more like pamphlets – single chapters or talks…)

Opus Magnum’s Essential Manly Hall Youtube Playlist




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