Dearest Subscribers,

We are living in unprecedented times.

The world is changing faster than ever before.

It’s taken me some time to build this site. To state it plainly, I have given up any other life I may have lived. I’ve sacrificed a great deal because I learned many of the secrets of this world a long time ago, and had no choice but to pursue the full truth. I’ve never used this email list, or advertised Opus Magnum much at all, because it has never been what I’ve meant for it be. It has never reached my standards. Yet after all these years battling with word press, I have noticed the few people who decide to subscribe, though the primary body of my work was not even available yet. You few have noticed that I am trying to decrypt our history, and that I have found insightful clues. Some 300 of you have decided to subscribe over these last few years and for the first time, I must acknowledge and thank you, and utilize this format.

In 2006, I met John Anthony West, the legendary Rogue Egyptologist. He quickly became the most important person in my life and I tried to learn everything I could from him. He taught me how to think; how to speak; how to know. He set me on a path that I now walk alone. I have never intended to lean on John, or claim that he would have agreed with all I say, but I openly acknowledge that it was he who opened my mind and showed me all the doors of the mysteries. I began studying the pyramids and temples of the world, which have always attracted me, but I have never had the resources (time) to finish my work. I started to discover things that forced me to look hard at our current world, and led my notes towards seemingly far removed subjects, but this was the only way for me to understand that such subjects were in fact, not so distant from each other.

I did not have an agenda or a hypothesis when I started writing my book around 2008. I mostly wanted to understand why there were pyramids all over the planet – what I believed to be a pretty reasonable and important question. Yet the evidence led me to realize truths I never could have imagined. I did not choose what to write about after that. The information chose me, and this MUST be understood. I was being guided to write a book that actually became quite terrifying at times, but something was happening. All these ideas were being handed to me, in a perfect sequence. Had the information come in a different order, I would never have been able to believe any of it at all. The more I realized that I was being shown these things through ‘coincedences’, the more serendipity aided the process.

I’ve lived alone for the past seven years and I haven’t had a steady income for several. I have barely made it to the end of this book, and to be honest, it is still completely unfinished, but time is up. Now is when this information is needed. I don’t care if it’s perfect. I don’t care if there are errors. It’s a lot of information and I did my best with the time I’ve had. I’ve tried to illustrate the biggest picture ever painted, of the entire cosmos and eternity, and our place within it. I have attempted to create an exit from this world of illusions, so you can circumnavigate all the distractions and find the path to your own GNOSIS. I have attempted to expose the ENTIRE ILLUSION and tell the story of our ENTIRE HISTORY and PRE-HISTORY, as best I can put it together. I have attempted to prove, beyond a doubt, that understanding our ancient origins is absolutely crucial if we are to build another Golden Age on Earth. I cannot tell this story in less than a thousand pages.

This book was already over 700 pages in 2012, and I have been tortured ever since by that fact that I have not had the resources to dedicate even a few weeks to finish it without fear of going hungry. Today, I have no choice but to share it in it’s current form. Right now is when the world needs it. I don’t care about the money. I’m giving it all away for free to YOU, because YOU made a conscious decision to care about something I’ve said in the past.

Last month, I had a creative inspiration, which led me to ‘curate’ a story which was actually written by the collective consciousness. It sort of started creating itself. It is a LABYRINTH of information that is not easily crossed, though there are no turns or bends. (It is not a maze.) The intro is long and most will not make it through to the heart of the initiation, much less to it’s end. It will take an open mind and great courage. Those few who reach the end, will reach my research in full. If you pursue this destination, and are successful, you will find an invaluable treasure that could be gained in no other way. Along with this treasure, you will find me personally, as an accessible friend. You will be given support as you discover your own gifts and callings – as you recognize the science behind the magic you’ve always had, and have likely often acknowledged, though perhaps never found the chance to pursue… Spoiler alert: YOU ARE GOD!

I assume there are less than 5 of you who know me personally in ‘real life’. To ALL OF YOU I say, THANK YOU for your interest in my page. I hope that each and every one of you has gained something meaningful from it and can make it through the LABYRINTH and join me. Writing this book has maxed me out physically, emotionally, spiritually and my credit card too. At this point, I do not know how I will buy groceries next month. Money that was promised months ago has not come through. My pipes have frozen and burst in two places. I have no central heat, no working toilet, no shower, no refrigerator, broken window panes letting in the winter cold… A giant tree fell on my house. My truck has been broken all year. I LITERALLY have two skunks that keep breaking into my house and making a mess, plus squirrels living in my ceiling, which is chill, except that they are eating the house that I’m supposed to be fixing right now… My computer is broken in a thousand ways. I could literally continue this list for pages… I can’t describe how many obstacles have shown themselves, and even threats. I can only laugh at this tragic comedy around me. I am holding up in my room, with a space heater, trying to make sure that this book is safe on the web before I get assassinated. Nearly every topic that people have been killed for discussing, is included in my book. I used to have a thousand friends, but today I have about ten.

So far, this site has cost me thousands in time and money, and generated less than $20. If you are like me, then you’re broke too, and I would never ask for your money. SERIOUSLY – I do not want your money – you deserve more than you have. I am simply here to give you the gift that I gave my life to make.

If there is anyone in this group that is ‘financially blessed’ however, I ask that you give ALL YOU CAN. (See Paypal button at the bottom or contact OM HERE.) I can make the smallest amount go extremely far, and I always have. If you give generously, then we can save the world. The one necessary factor I have no control over, is your support. If you have money, please share it, but if you have time, then please share my work with those you think will appreciate it. I certainly have no budget for distribution or publicity, but YOU can help to get this work where it needs to go. Give it to those who care, and who will also help to spread it as far as possible, as quickly as possible. I do not have the energy to keep calling out for those who will listen, especially when only one out of twenty will even respond. I need YOU to do that, so that I can finish the text, insert all the images and write the next four parts… I am attempting to build a ‘New Library of Alexandria’ and foresee many other noble endeavors on the horizon. I have collected over 5,000 books in my search, which are packed up in storage, waiting… I can’t do this alone anymore.

I have tried to shout the truth from the rooftops my whole life, but few have been ready for my ideas, and perhaps I have lacked the confidence at times. I’ve considered trying to use this email list in the past, but I have never had anything substantial to offer you. Now my throat chakra is open and I am giving you everything. Some of you will think I’m crazy, but others will find the end…

In unconditional LOVE and TRUTH, OM


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