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Though wordpress is still malfunctioning for me in countless odd ways, I believe that if I post a blog here, it should automatically send out an email update to all on my mailing list. I have not used this email list in the past, because I did not have any of my work to showcase. Now things are finally moving…

In October I attended the Galactic and Spiritual Informers Connection in Orlando Floraida; an event orchestrated by Dani Henderson, who brought together a powerful group of friends who were all vetted contactees/abductees and experiencers of the paranormal in their own right. The team brought together mountains of evidence proving that they all shared exactly matching memories from off planet and from within their experience with extraterrestrial races. These things were published and released before these people even met each other, and so their stories all corroborate each other, though they may seem quite unbelievable.

I got to meet Dani at the conference and we quickly became friends. She invited me onto her famous ‘small but mighty’ channel, and I gladly accepted. On her channel, she interviews the world’s most prolific names in disclosure, such as Alex Collier, Dr Michael Salla, Elena Danaan, Tony Rodrigues, Jean Charles Moyen, Chris Oconner and many more. All those listed above were present at the conference, and I got to meet them all several times over the weekend.

Because Dani’s show is centered on high level disclosure of important intel on all fronts, my information and research can help to fill out the historical and archaeological side of things, while many of her other guests give updates from ‘upstairs’ on how planetary contact will soon occur. This is the process of ET/UFO disclosure, which goes hand in hand with the revealing of true history, and of esoteric knowledge…So, I gave my first interview with Dani two weeks ago and it is available here:


This page on goes along with this video and includes the slideshow I presented:

Today, I am releasing my second interview with Dani, ‘The Secret History of the Third Eye’. I truly believe that though I may give many interviews in the future, this deep dive on the third eye will always remain the most important information I can offer! Knowledge of the third eye is the greatest secret on Earth, and I go VERY deep in this investigation…

There is also a corresponding page for this interview on my site here:

(Password protection will be lifted after interview airs.)

Please watch these two interviews, each packed full of important information, and keep up with my youtube presence which will be growing! Join in the live chats with questions and comments! Here is my brand new channel (after yt deleted my last account for no reason…):

Thank you for following my work! I hope these interviews can help you to understand the complexities of the world’s current situation. It is a conversation that I hope you will join. Enjoy!


Trevor Grassi, OPUS MAGNUM

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