Context for Our Lady’s Fire

There are many thoughts and opinions on the fires yesterday, yet many are unsure of what it means, so here is one more…

Notre Dame is known as the ‘most visited monument in Europe,’ with millions of viewers per year. It is the grandest emblem of the church in France, yet it is also a rebellion against the church. It is as pagan and riddled with symbols as is Rosslyn Chapel. It’s construction spanned the entirety of the age of cathedral builders and the renaissance of sacred architecture – resurrected technology, science and math from the Egyptians and others.

It was a time when the Templars were breaking away from the church. They had found Gnostic secrets and they had attained great power through these secrets; so much so, that the Church saw they were shifting from friends to enemies. Templars, Hermeticists, Alchemists, Rosicrucians and the early Masonic Guilds, were largely made up of critically thinking individuals. The orders themselves may have waxed and waned between selfish and selfless motives, but there were countless individual geniuses who righteously worked to preserve genuine doctrine of enlightenment.
These were the ones who built the Cathedral. These were the ones who blended in the esoteric secrets in plain sight. It was they who, just like the Qumrun Community, took the time to preserve the ‘heresy’ of Alexandria. It was they who encoded the truth for us in symbols, so that Notre Dame might serve as a ‘living teacher’ like the temples of Egypt. The cathedral is a book written in harmony and proportion. It tells secrets to any who can read it. It is the work of masters. It spoke to the fact that, as hard as Rome may try, France has always resisted Catholicism in ways.
To most all Catholics, ‘Our Lady’ refers to the virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, but does it not also hint at Mary Magdalene, who is thought to have travelled to France after the ‘death’ of Jesus, and by some accounts, carried his lineage there? The Gnostics might recognize the universal form of Our Lady – the Goddess. This is why title is used rather than name.

France has long fought off Catholicism and this is especially clear during their revolution. They showed that they would prefer to banish Vatican influence from their land and replace it with Hermetic philosophy. That is why the stone blocks of the Bastille were nearly turned into a massive pyramid. Only lack of funding prevented this and much later, a pyramid was built at the Louvre. Instead they erected an Egyptian obelisk on the site where once stood a sculpture of Louis’ father. He and Marie Antoinette were executed on this very site. All the temples and Cathedrals in France were rebranded as ‘Temples of Reason.’ Bartholdi’s great masterpiece, the statue of Lady Liberty, originally was designed as Isis, or the Lady Reason, when it was first proposed for the Suez Canal. The ‘lady’ was featured in many parades and celebrations, as France had ‘expelled the triumphant beast’ and were now worshipping the Goddess, Reason – Isis – Sophia – pure wisdom.

THAT is our common lady of France. She is seen as a different woman to each who envision Her and Her archetype embraces both the Marys as well. She is the divine feminine and the Black Madonna. She is the Earth Goddess, mother of mankind. The earth is her womb and when impregnated by rays of the Sun, she births the consciousness that we all take part in. She is stepping forward and taking an active role of rulership over the world. We have lived in matriarchy before according to some, for thousands of years at a time, and most recently, we have lived for thousands of years in a destructive and domineering patriarchy. Now we move towards balance – equality rule. Our Lady must take her rightful place. Perhaps this fire is a symbol of her awakening and activation.

But do not think for a moment that this terrible fire might be a good thing – even if you despise the church – even if you’ve seen its systemic corruption. It is not the Catholicism of Paris being mourned, it is Our Lady, and the incredible secrets she has kept and shared… It is the secrets of the Cathedral builders, which have scarcely been understood themselves. We must not worship idols, and we must be able to accept this loss gracefully. We must not mourn the loss of the Goddess Herself, but take this as if the only copy of one of the world’s greatest books has been damaged, and must be rebound.

Understand that this is no accident. Whatever is said, the chapel is a symbol and so is it’s burning, a symbolic message to the world. I don’t know who did it and I don’t know why, but even if the flames were begun by an accidental human hand, this was meant to happen, this is the activation of the Paris Chakra of the Earth. There were other forces guiding it, if not human ambition. This is a signal, perhaps even a sign from our Lady Herself. The True Lady, knows all. She knows how Christ’s message was selfishly distorted. She knows all those who know this too. Our lady fights against those who seek to dominate and control – she is the opposite of the Church – the empowerment of the inner self, bestower of intuition and wisdom.

Who would attack this Cathedral? Who has motives to do such a thing? It is the most sacred temple of all the Christians in France, as well as the pagans and mystics who recognize it’s universality and it’s secrets that clue in the initiate. It was a headquarters to the alchemists who had created the stain glass masterpieces, embedded with blessings for all humanity. It was a meeting place for sharing their notes on laboratory experiments and studying the mystic symbols built into the walls and spires.

Many would blame Islam, or the Yellow Vest Protestors, and it is quite possible it was either, and it is also quite possible that it WAS purely a human error, but accident? Events like this do not just happen. I would merely state that if it was any kind of attack, neither of these groups would be my primary suspects, yet we are left with merely the fact that it has happened.

I am deeply grieving the loss for our world, and I hope this helps to explain that this is not a victory for anyone. It is a sad day, an event loaded with meaning. I find it hard to imagine that something like this could happen by accident, especially since France has been on fire for months now (metaphorically, politically) and countless Christian churches have been targeted in this time. It also seems near impossible that the Al Aqsa Mosque could have also caught fire at the exact same time, by chance.

One of the most famous Cathedrals in the world has burned at the same moment as one of the most important Mosques in the world.

And the media has claimed both were accidents and not connected…

Sure. For all I know… All I can say is that the iconic imagery is as powerful as 9/11 and much of the event hints at ceremony. But it is a Phoenix.

I will allow Fulcanelli to say the rest…

“The cathedral is the inviolable sanctuary of the hunted and the burial place of the illustrious dead. It is the city within a city, the intellectual and moral centre, the heart of public activity, the apotheosis of thought, knowledge and art. This host of bristling monsters, of grotesques and comic figures, of masks, of menacing gargoyles, dragons, vampires and tarasques, all these were the secular guardians of an ancestral patrimony.

Here art and science, formerly concentrated in the great monasteries, have emerged from their seclusion and colonized the cathedral. They cling to the steeples, to the pinnacles, to the flying buttresses.

They hang from the coving, fill the niches. They transform the windows into precious stones and endow the bells with sonorous vibrations. They expand on the church front into a glorious explosion of liberty and expression. Nothing could be more secular than the exotericism of this teaching; nothing more human than this profusion of quaint images, alive, free, animated and picturesque, sometimes in disorder but always vivid with interest.

There is nothing more moving than these multiple witnesses to the daily life, the taste, the ideals, the instincts of our fathers. Above all there is nothing more captivating than the symbolism of the ancient alchemists, so ably translated by these modest medieval statues.

In this connection Notre Dame of Paris, the Philosophers’ church, is indisputably one of the most perfect specimens and, as Victor Hugo said, ‘the most satisfying summary of the hermetic science, of which the church of Saint Jacques-la-Boucherie was such a complete hieroglyph.’

The alchemists of the fourteenth century used to meet there once a week on the day of Saturn, either at the main porch, at the Portal of St. Marcel or else at the little PorteRouge, all decorated with salamanders. Denys Zachaire tells us that this custom was followed until the year 1539 ‘on sundays and feast days’. Noel du Fail says that ‘the great place for those academy meetings was Notre-Dame
of Paris’

There, amid a dazzling array of painted and gilded arches, of string courses and copings, of tympana with multi-coloured figures, each philosopher would show the result of his labours and work out the next sequence of his researches.

It was there that they assessed probabilities and discussed possibilities and studied on the spot the allegory of the Great Book. Not the least animated part of these gatherings was the abstruse explanation of the mysterious symbols all around them.

In the steps of Gobineau de Montluisant, Cambriel and all the rest, we shall undertake the pious pilgrimage, speak to the stones and question them. Alas! It is almost too late.

The vandalism of Soufflot has to a large extent destroyed what the Souffleurs could admire in the sixteenth century. And if art owes some gratitude to those eminent architects Toussaint, Geffroy Dechaume, Boeswill-wald, Viollet-le-Duc and Lassus, who restored the basilica so odiously profaned, Science will never again find what it has lost.

However that may be, and in spite of these regrettable mutilations, the motifs still extant are sufficiently numerous to repay the time and trouble of a visit. Indeed I shall consider myself satisfied and amply rewarded if I have been able to awaken the curiosity of the reader, to hold the attention of the shrewd observer and to show to lovers of the occult that it is not impossible even now to rediscover the meaning of the secrets hidden under the petrified exterior of this wondrous book of magic.”


For deeper study, see The Master Game by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval… 



Above passage is from The Mysteries of the Cathedral by Fulcanelli


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