Masonry and Templars

A concise history of freemasonry

A defence of freemasonry

A general history of free-masonry in Europe

A glimpse of the great secret society

A lexicon of freemasonry

About 3 Original Orders of Knights Templars

About Fictitious and Forged Masonic MSS



Albert Pike – Morals and Dogma

An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry 1

An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry 2

An English view of freemasonry in America

Analyses of fraternal societies

Collected essays and papers relating to freemasonry


Crime of the Templars



Freemasonry and Catholicism

Freemasonry in America prior to 1750



How Bigots Undermined Masonic Universality

How Masonic Writers Perverted Masonic History

Legal episodes in the history of freemasonry

Luciferianism or Satanism in English freemasonry 1

Luciferianism or Satanism in English freemasonry 2

Masonic biography and dictionary

Masonic Review




Mystic Masonry

New England and the Bavarian Illuminati


On the origin of free-masonry

Philosophical history of free-masonry and other secret societies



Secret societies and the French revolution


So-Called Henry 5th or John Locke Masonic MSS

Social science and freemasonry

Symbolic teaching – Masonry and its message

The ancient mysteries and modern masonry

The arcana of freemasonry

The historical landmarks and other evidences of Freemasonry 1

The historical landmarks and other evidences of Freemasonry 2

The History of Freemasonry 1

The History of Freemasonry 2

The History of Freemasonry 3

The History of Freemasonry 4

The History of Freemasonry 6

The history of Freemasonry Volume 3

The History of the Knights Templars

The Kabbalah in Ancient Craft Masonry

The lights and shadows of Freemasonry

The Masters carpet – Masonry and Baal-worship identical

The mysteries of freemasonry

The Mysteries of Masonry – the outline of a universal philosophy founded upon the ritual and degrees of ancient freemasonry

The Occult Side of Freemasonry

The origin and evolution of freemasonry connected with the origin and evolution of the human race

The origin of Freemasonry and Knights templar

The Secret Societies of all Ages and Countries 1

The secret societies of all ages and countries 2

The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry 1

The Secret Tradition in Freemasonry 2

The secret warfare of Freemasonry against church and state

The Supression of the Templars

The theocratic philosophy of freemasonry



Traces of a hidden tradition in masonry

Traditions of freemasonry and its coincidences with the ancient mysteries

Trial and Condemnation of the Templars

Washington the Freemason

Washingtons Relations to Freemasonry

What is free-masonry

Who are the Jesuits

World revolution the plot against civilization