MAGICAL EGYPT 2: The Continuing Revelation of the Symbolist Code in Ancient Aesthetics




     For those who do not know, Magical Egypt is an independent documentary series that premiered in 2001. Director Chance Gardner teamed up with legendary researcher, John Anthony West to perform a thorough analysis of the depths of Egyptian symbolism and science. Never before had anyone on Earth been given so much relavent information regarding the ancient empire’s greatest enigmas within a single narrative. The show was brilliantly designed to emphasize the myriads of connections in plain sight, which all spoke of a world of secrets hidden within the veils of symbolism. It was as though this team, which also included several other brilliant researchers adding their own evidence to the story, was able to discover the key to Egypt. No one can read a map without a key. In this sense, West and Gardner had produced the first breakthrough piece that could lead to any legitimate study of the Egyptian doctrine. You will gain more information of value from Magical Egypt than you would taking a college course on the civilization.

     As Champollion had helped us begin to realize, we cannot interpret the hieroglyphs without recognizing that a large part of their interpretation must be based on the esoteric principles relayed within them. As everyone knows, they are not merely phonetic letters, and this is why so few have been able to accurately read them. Reading the hieroglyphs is more like reading the tarot than a text, and we find that this applies not only to the glyphs, but to every single facet of Egyptian art.

     It was not until R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz produced his Temple of Man that the world had any idea as to how advanced this esoteric wisdom truly was. John West saw the truth in Schwaller’s words and Chance saw the truth in John’s words as he continued to demonstrate, time and time again, that Egypt is not a dead empire – it is a living riddle that wants to be solved.

     In eight incredible episodes, Magical Egypt disclosed evidence that should have shaken the world at its roots. Everything we’ve been told about our history has been a lie, and the team has shown the cold hard data to demonstrate this. I am one of a vast multitude who has been awakened to the mystery, in large part by this incredible piece of media. As an independent production, it has not seen distribution through any major channels or online platforms, yet it’s viewer have formed more than a cult following. Once you see the connections, you may realize how trivial all the rest of life becomes. When you begin to see that we have been given a great code to break, and that this sacred science has the potential to give meaning and direction to humanity, other priorities suddenly fade. The series has changed so many lives in such a profound way, I have trouble relating it to any other film or series in history. It is truly unique in so many ways; a priceless treasure.


     As a personal friend of John Anthony West, I joined millions in mourning his loss just over a year ago, as he ended his fight with cancer. His death was felt around the world, as he was greatly respected by practically anyone who had ever even heard his name. It was during these tough years, however, that a sequel to Magical Egypt was being created. Today, Magical Egypt 2 is available, in six episodes, at This article is a review of the second series, and may contain spoilers, though I have tried not to give too much away.

     Most fans of the series are embarking on the new journey wondering more than anything, how it compares to the original. Well, with Magical Egypt 2, there are several differences, yet the approach remains the same – follow where the evidence leads. Though John is featured throughout the series, Chance takes more of an active role in narrating the various ties between the research of the many specialists on the show. The original series had opened the doors to so many enigmas, that the sequel series could have gone in any of countless directions, yet it had to remain broadly within the scope of the Sacred Science, which essentially touches on every single aspect of life.

     Overall, ME2 focuses largely on major new discoveries regarding coded representations of occult anatomy in Egypt and also extending into our more recent history. This is building directly off of the work of Schwaller, who discovered countless correlations between temple architecture and human physiology. He gave us the key to the Temple of Luxor by showing that it was a temple consecrated to the divine human form. Therefore, as we pursue further clues in the mystery, we find that human anatomy is a central theme in the message the ancients have written for us. Specifically, they were obsessed by neural and spinal anatomy and the glands within the brain.

     In the original series, we visit many temples and we were on the ground in Egypt a lot. We see much of the physical evidence left in Egypt, and are a given a foundation course in the case for genius-level thinking in ancient times. At a certain point, West’s theory did take on a massive following, and even more importantly, many others researchers have risen to the task and are helping to show incredible connections to many other ancient civilizations around the world. Not the least of these characters, is Graham Hancock, who is also featured in ME2.


     Yet, West’s battle itself began to reach much further into the metaphysical aspects of the science. The message of Egypt was showing itself with greater and greater clarity. It seemed to be saying:

      1. I possess incredible knowledge which is veiled in cryptic riddles.
      2. I know the truth regarding the science of the soul.
      3. This truth is told through the construction of monumental, eternal structures.
      4. The aim of this science is to purify oneself and work towards a state of Divine-Humanity.

     It makes a great deal of sense, then, for the sequel series to move even deeper into the metaphysical science itself, and this it does. Sometimes we find the riddles demonstrated much later in history, and ME2 pulls in connections extending forward up to renaissance art and alchemical practices of the European Hermeticists. We see strands of ancient wisdom that hold together for some time and give even more depth and validation to the hypothesis. We also see more ties to Eastern cultures of India and Southeast Asia that continue to relate a complete harmony with the Egyptian teachings.

     Magical Egypt 2 dives much deeper into the invisible sciences, which ironically, are hidden in plain sight. We follow a new group of researchers who (as is so often the case), have randomly discovered a singular concept, by way of separate, individual discoveries. They found each other and shared notes, leading to a powerful overall argument for the accuracy of the theory. With countless examples, they have once again made it difficult for any to deny that they have discovered a legitimate code that is the next clue in the mystery.

     Human anatomy is a complete system, like the cosmos. It it the ouroboros – the snake that eats its own tail, the scarab beetle regenerated from it’s own dung, or the phoenix. It is a complete and sustainable reflection of the cosmic being and by the hermetic axiom, ‘As Above, So Below,’ we recognize that the secrets of the heavenly forms are all contained within every human body. That is why the Egyptians used the symbol as the ultimate representation for the universe. It’s organic functions mimic the active forces guiding the material creation – the Neters. It’s organs represent the occult properties of this creation and matter. They correspond to aspects of the Zodiac, the planets, and the metals of the earth. Magical Egypt 2 has made this point with great success. It is the best demonstration of ‘occult anatomy’ since Manly P. Hall’s, Man: the Grand Symbol of the Mysteries. 

     It is not easy for us to grasp the plane of consciousness our ancient ancestors were operating on. Without the connections that have been presented by West and Chance, the whole world would still be largely in the dark. It is my sincere hope that both the original series and the second series might find a means of distribution that could reach the masses and inform them that there is much more to the world than, as West used to say, ‘atom bombs and striped toothpaste.’

     I have entered into ME2 with a critical eye, and as a die-hard follower of West, I have been happily satisfied by all the new material that has now tread so much deeper into the realm of the symbols themselves. I loved revisiting the beautiful temples in Egypt and finding more aesthetic riddles in the statuary and reliefs. The series also resurrects the fantastic animations, diagrams and 3-d graphics that can instantly demonstrate a concept that would take twenty minutes to describe verbally. We are given many more shocking revelations of pictures the ancients drew that were meant to overlap other pictures in order to reveal their hidden character.

     Once again, we dive deep into discussions of consciousness and the world ages. To those who originally fell in love with Magical Egypt, there is no greater feeling than realizing you have discovered a secret treasure hunt, and that you have been given phenomenal clues as to the nature of the grand riddle. In Magical Egypt 2, we are given a welcome dose of this feeling once more, and we realize that the mystery continues. If one has become awakened to the greater story of mankind, by way of Magical Egypt, then the sequel series will only spur them on further and galvanize their resolve. At this point, enough discoveries have been made. The evidence is in place. The time has come to focus on decoding the details of the message and sharing the information virally, as the future of the world is largely dependent on this knowledge. As television and internet programming degrade into utter nonsense, Magical Egypt towers above, as a luminous beacon of hope and wisdom.


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