Weekly Science Report: January 25, 2019

“In the end the character of a civilization is encased in its structures.”

Frank Gehry


Steve Detwiler created this publication with the support of Graham Hancock and the late John Anthony West to share news and information on various disciplines to include but not limited to paleontology, space sciences, genetics and archaeology.  His goal behind sharing this publication has always been very simple, by sharing knowledge we can make our world a better place.  This publication is Mr. Detwiler’s contribution to bring people together and share ideas and discoveries with his fellow humans.

I hope you enjoy this publication and that the content challenges and inspires you!

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News Articles

Paleontology, Evolution and Prehistoric Studies

A surprisingly early replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans in southern Spain

Dogs may have helped ancient Middle Easterners hunt small game

Fire And Feces May Reveal An Early Human Presence In Alaska

‘Incredibly rare’ find in Western Isles prehistoric forest

Neanderthal hunting spears could kill at a distance

Otago researcher contributes piece to the puzzle of baleen whales’ evolution

A surprisingly early replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans in southern Spain

This ancient stegosaurus-platypus mashup has everything


Newseum to close at end of 2019; Johns Hopkins to buy building

Hitler-owned book hints at plans for North American Holocaust

Cultural heritage at risk: From Venice the technologies of the future

Libraries’ Surprising Special Collections

Nazi’s paintings now fund foundation for Jews

Seminole Tribe Pushes Smithsonian On Repatriation Policies

Notre Dame to cover 19th century Columbus murals due to portrayal of Native Americans

Sands of time

Is Ancient DNA Research Revealing New Truths — or Falling Into Old Traps?

Iva d’Aquino Toguri Remains the Only U.S. Citizen Convicted of Treason Who Has Ever Been Pardoned

Tony Mendez, The ‘Argo’ Spy Who Rescued Americans In Iran, Dies At 78

Digital technology offers new ways to teach lessons from the Holocaust

Inside the Kingdom of Hayti, ‘the Wakanda of the Western Hemisphere’

Germany and France to establish joint culture institutes


Reports: Archaeologists find 30,000 artifacts along Detroit River

A new generation takes up the hunt for Dead Sea Scrolls

Remains of 2 Beothuk people to be transferred from Scotland to Canada

‘Ancient’ Scottish stone circle was built in 1990s

Grave Belonging to Iron Age Warrior Discovered in Northern Iran

Algeria’s ancient pyramid tombs still shrouded in mystery

Strange carvings greeted early West Virginia explorers

Ancient ‘Tomb’ Unearthed in Guatemala Turns Out to Be Maya Steam Bath

Rare ground-painting found in ancient Chinese tomb

Archaeologists find clues for ‘important’ Ayyubid settlement

How the Kerala floods unearthed a site filled with ancient terracotta figures


Getty wraps up conservation effort at King Tutankhamen’s tomb

Magnificent Dendera Temple to Be Turned Into An Open-Air Museum

Damage to Ancient Carving of Egyptian Couple Was Meant to Hurt Them in the Afterlife

General Science

Nanotechnology enables engineers to weld previously un-weldable aluminum alloy

Physics, Earth and Space Sciences

Earth’s oldest rock was found by Apollo 14 astronauts — on the moon

Indian Ocean depths to be explored for the first time

Unlocking graphene’s superconducting powers with a twist and a squeeze

Solar System Still Reels From Ancient Star Intrusion

Watch Blue Origin Launch a Rocket Stuffed With NASA Gear

The European Space Agency plans to start mining for natural resources on the moon

Mystery orbits in outermost reaches of solar system not caused by ‘Planet Nine’

Do microbes control the formation of giant copper deposits?

A landscape unseen in over 40,000 years

Stellar winds, the source material for the universe, are clumpy

How to escape a black hole: simulations provide new clues about powerful plasma jets

Testing Hawking radiation in laboratory black hole analogues

Environment, Climate Change and Alternative Energy Sources

The Water in Your Toilet Could Fight Climate Change One Day

Shutdown imperils NASA’s decadelong ice-measuring campaign

See the Staggering Impact Humans Have Had on the World’s Oceans

Fault lines are no barrier to safe storage of CO2 below ground

Envisioned ‘octopus farms’ would have far-reaching and detrimental environmental impact

Biological, Genetics and Medical Sciences

Alligators freeze in North Carolina swamp with noses above ice

In surprising reversal, scientists find a cellular process that stops cancer before it starts

Before Black Lung, The Hawks Nest Tunnel Disaster Killed Hundreds

Researchers Find A Web Of Factors Behind Multiple Sclerosis

Gene drive technology makes mouse offspring inherit specific traits from parents

‘Training gym’ for lab-grown heart cells: Engineering researchers design new platform

Complete Axolotl Genome Could Reveal the Secret of Regenerating Tissues


The Unsolved Mystery of the Lubbock Lights UFO Sightings

When a Harvard Professor Talks About Aliens

What a 16th-century mystic can teach us about making good decisions

Advanced Extraterrestrials as an Approximation to God


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