Over years of travel and research, I’ve pulled together a set of google maps pinpointing many of the world’s most incredible temples, pyramids and monuments. Use them to plan your next adventure!

There are a number of brilliant independent researchers who offer their expertise through tours to many of the megalithic hubs of the world. This can be the ideal form of travel, as it consolidates all the planning and expenses, lets you focus on enjoying and learning AND you are supporting those who dedicate their lives to decoding and sharing our hidden history. We list recommended tours on our events page HERE. There are many other tour options available, but most are generally in the same price range, so why not go with the best? We only share tours led by those whom we believe to be the most qualified.

However, not everyone wants to join a tour group, (or can afford to) and planning a trip on your own may seem difficult, but perhaps these maps can help. Use them to plan ahead of time, or for reference as you move along. Check out our other travel aids as well. Since many of these sacred sites are often collected together in a single country or region, I’ve outlined the basics for the ‘Egypt/Middle East Trip’, the ‘Maya Trip’, the ‘Inca Trip’, the ‘Southeast Asia/India trip’, and the ‘Eurotrip’ – each as a separate page. I’ve also shared thousands of my own photographs of all the sites I’ve visited personally.

The first two maps are ones that I discovered and did not make myself. The following five are my own and have far fewer pin drops than the others, but perhaps you may prefer these simpler ones. Most recently, I discovered the first map which is linked to it’s original page – – another wonderful resource! The second one is an ongoing community project which I first discovered many years ago, the Marcahuasi Project AKA Archeomaps. Some sites on Archeomaps, however, are natural formations or other attractions.



OPVSMAGNVM Original Travel Maps:

Once you ascend your first pyramid, you may find that you want to climb them all. Whether in India, Egypt, Europe or Mexico – photographs and video can only convey so much. Once you are there, you will not regret it! Hopefully these maps can help inspire! For starters, try cut and pasting the temple names into google images and take a look at some of the treasures of our global heritage, which are awaiting your own personal discovery…

If you know of sites that would be appropriate to add, or names of tour groups/leaders, please list them in the comments and I will periodically update these pages. At some point, I will try to improve the descriptions of each pinpoint and add more info. Please share your own travel experiences and tips as well. Always be conscientious and respectful of local customs, cultures and landmarks!!! Safe travels…

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