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This is a raw work in progress… I share it with you in the hopes that you understand that, simply put, the information in this 1-2 hour read will allow you to RETIRE within months… As in – YOU WILL NEVER AGAIN DO ANYTHING ‘JUST FOR A PAYCHECK’!!! Please just give it a read, and if you become a millionaire, please keep Opus Magnum in mind… Help to build a brighter future for all… Enjoy! PEACE – OM

Everything you need to know about CRYPTO CURRENCY RIGHT NOW!!!

Congratulations! You’re life is about to change!

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What percentage of your waking life do you spend doing things that you would not be doing if you didn’t ‘need money’?


What do you consider your ‘prime occupation’ to be? Would you still be doing it if you weren’t getting paid?


What percentage of your thoughts and actions are based on the need to pay next month’s rent or bills?


Are you really living in a ‘free country’?


Write down your answers and read them again next year.

Introduction to


First of all, it’s not about money…

This page does not contain financial advice. I am not telling you what to do with your money. I am not asking you for your money. I will not take your money. I am asking for you to reach your full potential as a human being. I have compiled this information with no other goal in mind and I have good news for you – the information here can free you forever from a complex and confusing blend of psychological and financial warfare.

You do not have to sacrifice your time or your standard of living any longer. You deserve much better and now, it’s yours!

You might assume that if this information is freely given to anyone, then either it is an empty scheme, or else I don’t know how to market myself. This is the thought of someone who still lives in the ‘dollar mentality’…


When you win, I win! And when you and I win, the CRYPTO COMMUNITY WINS! Prepare to see the world in a new way…

One single investment, not of money, but of a few minutes of your time, as long as it takes to completely recognize the implications of what is written herein, will set you up for life. You cannot enter Crypto with NO understanding of what it is, or else you will be stumbling in the dark. Yet in truth, the things that you NEED to KNOW about crypto, you can learn in this extremely consolidated summary. It is not all that much really, but if you do not have this context in place, you will not understand the what it truly is. If you read this whole document, then you will not only be ready to begin trading, you will have a complete RECOGNITION of the limitless potentials. You will understand EXACTLY WHAT IT IS ABOUT TO DO IN THE NEAR FUTURE. You will understand the context of the original NEED for such a thing and the true price of holding the dollar. You will become a true BLOCKCHAIN SAMURAI and learn the Crypto-Bushido like few others have!

If you think this is about money, guess again. It’s about the inevitable liberation of humanity that is currently underway…

Sure, if you like, you could scroll past this entire introduction, and just start buying in with the GETTING STARTED GUIDE, but you would be a fool to disregard the knowledge base that I have built since BEFORE BITCOIN WAS EVEN RELEASED! That’s right, I’ve been watching since the beginning! I was already looking for an alternative to this economy of war and fear, 12 years ago or more. I have studied the financial infrastructure and geopolitical environment of the globe for well over a decade, and I don’t mean that I just watched a few documentaries.

I gave my entire life to the mission of answering the question, how can we liberate the entire human race from suffering forever? The trickiest part actually, was figuring out how to convince humanity that it should stop assuming that misery is necessary. It isn’t!

I’ve spent a long time looking for the answer, oftentimes bouncing from investigative research to reflection, meditation, postulation and back to research again. I’ve accumulated over 5,000 books in the process. You can not begin to imagine how much effort went into my search, yet I am now offering to you, what I consider to be not only the ONLY POSSIBLE SOLUTION to this question, but also, what I consider to be INEVITABLY playing out and bringing this LIBERATION, NO MATTER WHAT. The only question remaining, is how long will it take? How long will you remain tied to the DOLLAR, even as it’s value sinks constantly and Crypto’s value steadily ascends?

When Bitcoin was released, I was watching it like a hawk. I saw it as a beautiful infant in the manger and I knew that it was child of great importance. I saw it as an adolescent, finding it’s way. I saw it grow into a young adult and finally I watched as it evolved into its mature form – a beautiful life indeed! I watched it give birth to countless, wonderful children, the ALT-COINS, who all competed for it’s love and support and it continuously nurtured them all equally, providing a solid ground on which they could crawl, and later walk. It was the mother of all cryptos – there to show the way…

You might laugh, but comparing the crypto market to a biological system is not that far out of reach. It has grown completely organically and grounded itself with whatever its roots can grab into, attempting to stabilize itself to the digital anomalies of nature, the like seemingly chaotic spiral of prime numbers. It has slowly evolved, as it has discovered all it’s own weaknesses, and overcome them!

I have given my ‘sales pitch’ to many already, regarding why I want them to discover crypto currencies for themselves. I’ve gotten it honed to the most relavent data, but my real answer has until now been, it’s just makes the most sense for me to write it down for everyone, so you can have it all, right there at your fingertips! I know every single question that you are going to ask me and so I have decided to write down ALL the answers. By the time you finish reading this, you will understand that you never have to sell your days to another, EVER AGAIN. You will still work, but you will not get paid for it, you will do the work that fulfills you. You will not build a house for some rich person you don’t know; you will build a house for your family. You will not be stuck behind a cash register; you will be writing your novel. You won’t be fighting anxiety and depression, you will be healing those around you with your very presence, because you will radiate sheer joy and confidence. Bold claims, you say? Let’s look at the facts…

The truth is, Crypto Currency has nothing to do with money. In fact, it IS NOT MONEY. It is a digital asset. It is a theoretical idea – an abstract, etherial construct of our minds. Say the nay-sayers, “It has no inherent value! It’s a crock! It’s nothing!” Well, you’re right. But guess what? So is the DOLLAR. The dollar is no different than a crypto currency in many ways: it’s a digital construct, run through computer networks and it has no inherent value whatsoever. Before 1934 it had inherent value, back when it could be redeemed for gold from the treasury, but the truth is, it only remained stable then because it had already been tied to gold for several years, and so people were accustomed to ‘accepting it as value’, but it HAS NONE, and that is a fact.

Less than 5% of dollars exist as physical bills. The rest are numbers that are generated out of thin air on computers owned by the Federal Reserve and European Royalty. For some reason, ALL new dollars that come into creation can ONLY magically appear in the pocket’s of the Fed and EU cartels. When they do, it is quite magical indeed, for these dollars appear out of mid air! Yet a void is left in the place they were pulled from. We call it debt. The Federal Reserve and the Rothschild and Rockefeller families loved humanity so much, that they decided to loan us this magical wealth they created. We thanked them kindly! We bought a new car! We bought our new home!

We were even given an allowance! A credit limit! We worked real hard to make sure we could keep up with those interest payments, because the Fed bank was kind enough to loan us the money!

Wow! Too bad when the neighbors all defaulted on their payments! They had beautiful homes that are sinking into the mud now! Hopefully the bank can sell them to someone else for a major profit! But hey! That’s capitalism! And I like the banks because they gave me a loan!

Dang, these property taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, insurance policies, credit card interest rates and inflation sure are stretching my dollar pretty thin, but I’ll just get a second job, because they didn’t fool me! I can keep up with these payments!

Dang! They’re taking the house! Well, I was almost capable of keeping up, but I knew what I was getting into. Shucks. Ok, take the house! Fair is fair! Thanks for the loan, Mr Bank! Can I get another? I’m homeless now by the way… and unemployed… but I guess you already knew that…

It always seems like it’s fair, until you realize that IT WAS NEVER FAIR. It hurts to accept that we are not being appreciated for who we are; that we are simply being cheated. The world was fooled by criminals who convinced us to buy their product, by backing it with shiny gold, until the masses were assimilated. The Federal Reserve bankers engineered the Great Depression, and with a simple Morgan family ‘suspicious pullout’, triggered panic and destroyed the entire public faith in the dollar, which the Morgan Family had helped to create.

The reaction was a decade of pain and suicide and depression and anger. But at least the architects of the Federal Reserve could buy up all competing banks for pennies on the dollar and secure forever, their monopoly on money itself… The Rockefellers own most of America. The Rothschilds own most of Europe. The Crown Corporation of London reaches it’s authority over American government and finance, and there are higher levels still… This much is clear as day to anyone who has ever looked. Don’t worry, this isn’t a history lesson; these are just relavent FACTS. If you doubt what I say, I’d love to hear your objections… after you read one of the most important books in the history of the world:

(Click image to purchase)

And just like that, I need explain no more about the dollar’s origins. We simply must realize that the entire national debt, which includes all of your debt, owed to your bank, who borrowed it themselves or else generated it through fractional reserve lending, is not our responsibility. In the end, it is ALL owed to the Federal Reserve, and through them, to the Crown of England. This is why every American flag, seen in a courtroom has gold fringes around it. These symbolize the Crown’s authority over American courts. (Without going too deep, it originates in the idea that, though we gained independence from England, we still owed them a great debt for all the resources they spent on building the infrastructure of the colonies. Interesting, yet not super relavent)

All that debt that you are struggling to pay off, is going to interest payments that go into the pockets of the wealthiest people on Earth. All your blood sweat and tears end up as a drop in the ocean of wealth already owned by those families that have proven for several centuries, that they do not care about you.


Does this make you angry? Have you been tricked by the great illusion? Or have you already seen through it, yet found no escape?

When you were first told about Bitcoin, did you think it’s only purpose was for video gamers, or maybe to buy a pizza?

When it was trading for mere satoshis (fraction of a penny) did you ever think it would soon reach $40,000? Why did it do this? Was it all just a fad? there was nothing backing it! It’s and EMPTY IDEA!

Well that’s what the dollar is too, UNTIL – we decide to give it value. Turns out, a lot of people figured out the Federal Reserve’s big scam, and weren’t happy about it. Some of them thought, hey, if they can convince the world to believe in a theoretical digital ‘unit of value’, then why can’t we? Why can’t we create our own? Instead of only bankers typing the numbers into computers, we could create our OWN BANK, from the etherial pockets of every single one of us! Why not!?!

It’s all empty anyways! Why do we keep putting our faith in systems that kill us? Why not try supporting each other? Build our own networks? Every day that we keep our ‘value’ stored as dollars in banks, we are funding the global initiatives that are orchestrated by an extremely consolidated cartel of elites. They fund things like pointless war and genocide, toxic agriculture, privatizations of water and food, for-profit pharma, opioid epidemics and mass environmental destruction. They engineer our pain, and we are paying them to do it. We are TOILING AWAY FOR THEM, and why? We just never realized that there was alternative.

We never realized that the entire reason none of the BRILLIANT humans beings on this planet can fix anything, is simply because the Leonardos and Einsteins and Teslas of the world are stuck flipping burgers right now. They have to cover their student loans…

We live within an intricately crafted matrix of distractions – a psychological prison. They know that humanity wants to be ‘free’, so they convince us that we ARE. They have created the world’s biggest game of musical chairs. The national debt is the actual number of dollars in circulation, yet with interest being expected on every level between them and you, this means that there are not NEARLY ENOUGH DOLLARS IN CIRCULATION TO EVER PAY BACK THE NATIONAL DEBT!!! This is the most important fact! They have us panting for breath while working for countless hours at an IMPOSSIBLE task. They have us clawing over one another to make sure that we are not the one who gets left without a chair. They have us at each other’s throats, while they collect ALL the rewards and laugh at us. They keep us focused on meaningless, soulless news, saturated with violence and apocalyptic destruction. Otherwise they would never get away with it; we would ‘figure it out’. Humanity is not stupid, but they have been very smart…

They have likely convinced you to convince YOURSELF that YOU OWE THEM 40-60 hours of your week. They have likely convinced you that this is ‘just life’, and ‘that’s the way it works…’ And worst of all, they have you convinced that you are FREE.

You are not free. Not unless you are doing what you love every single day. Not unless you are perfectly healthy, eating what you want, going anywhere in the world, whenever you want, and are receiving any medical treatment you need. When you are free, you are not worried about how to pay the bills this month, you are thinking about whatever thing you love that you want to do next. If you are worrying about the future, you are not free. I’m sorry to say so, but at least you are not alone. NONE OF US are free! Not until we can shake off financial concern. We pretend that it doesn’t rule our life, but it does. This is the only way they can convince us that water, food and safe shelter are not our natural right! These are not PRIVILEGES that we need to EARN FROM THEM! THESE ARE THE RIGHTS OF ALL LIVING BEINGS!

Freedom means following your passion. Every single being in the universe has this right inherently. The only reason you may not have it right now, is because you have been convinced otherwise. You have been convinced to relinquish your freedom.

“What will all the truckers do when trucks drive themselves? We don’t have any good jobs anymore! We NEED MORE JOBS!!”

No, we don’t.

If automation lifts a burden for humanity, we should not be begging for some other task. That should mean that the burden is lifted collectively. It is one less thing we must do as a people. Yet we just get angry that we haven’t been given another meaningless task that a robot can likely also do. The man who invents the robot gets rich though, FILTHY RICH.

We’ve all played monopoly. We know how it ends. Everyone goes to bed because Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates had to be jerks and ruin the whole world for everyone. We usually fling that board shut quite gleefully, thankful that it’s over, because someone we thought was our friend or family mate just sent us to jail for sleeping in our car in one of their Hotel parking lots. In Miami. Who does that? Who does not understand that this is funny, but also NOT FUNNY AT ALL?

But what if humanity realized that we could rewrite the rules? What if we could pull money from an unlimited bank? What if we could each make our own boards and play by our own rules?

If we recognize that the value of anything is determined only by the observer, then we ask the question, how does one convince the observer that they are indeed looking at something of value? What is worth a ‘dollar’ to them? What might convince them to put their faith in a theoretical coin rather than a dollar? Does the coin send and receive quickly? Is it easy to use? Does it need its own complicated wallet? Can I spend it at the grocery store without a second thought? Is it volatile (will I have to watch it every moment of every day)? Can I rest assured that it’s value will rise or at least maintain? Is it energy efficient and environmentally sound? Are the servers secure? Can it be hacked? Does it have a market cap? What is it’s market cap? What price is it initially offered at? Does it have a cool name?

What do YOU value in a ‘coin’?

These are the questions that the whole world has collectively attempted to answer in the last decade as crypto currencies and blockchain technology explodes across the globe! Countless teams from Silicon Valley to garages and basements joined in the greatest game on Earth! Bitcoin was a gift to this planet, given by a benevolent force. It was given to us so that we could play with the idea – so that EVERYONE could join the conversation – could propose a new innovation – could throw their name in the hat. Free market competition is the engine that created the trillion dollar industry we find today. It is one HUGE CONTEST, and we are nearing the finish line…

No government could give us the answer. There was no economy that any of us would possibly trust, if it was coming from the bankers who we know have been destroying our planet and robbing us of our dignity. Faith was built in crypto as more and more across the globe realized that this was the final answer! We would ALL have a big conversation together, and that conversation is called crypto currency. We started trading our dollars for Bitcoin, and with that bitcoin, we all started voting for the winners by converting percentages of our bitcoin into the Alt-coins. (Coins alternative to Bitcoin) Today, there are over 8,000 coins listed in the crypto market. Every single one of those coins was an idea in someone’s mind. They turned that idea into an offer. Usually, this means investing a great deal of time, energy and money, and building an entire team.

What is your new idea? How will it help the crypto revolution? What does it have that no other coin has? How far are you willing to go for it? Give me the White Paper!

Once a team has an idea, they write up a ‘White Paper’, which is basically a summary of why they believe their coin is worth something. Then they tell you how much they think it’s worth and release an ICO – Initial Coin Offering, much like an initial stock offering. Perhaps they offer a million coins at 5 cents each.

Then WE, the JUDGES, decide if it’s worth it! We decide if their innovation is useful. WE DECIDE whether or not it should stay in the contest. We trade our bitcoin for the alt-coins we like, or the ones we think will succeed, and we hold them until we see ones that we like more…

We democratically vote with our assets! We choose the winner!

Every time someone new discovers this game, we welcome them in with open hearts! We support them! Not ONLY because we care about them as human beings, but because the more people who come in, the more ALL OF US WIN TOGETHER! The price keeps rising and it never has to stop! Now butchers and bakers and candlestick makers are on the same playing field as the billionaire class! You’ve heard the stories; I’d bet someone within 3 or less degrees of separation from you has already pulled tens of thousands from the CRYPTO ETHER – it’s a REAL THING!

You have to understand – all money is a promise. Dollars are a promise from people who want you to suffer and be easily controlled. Crypto is a promise from a community that not only genuinely cares about you, but even those who are only in it for the profits are still going to welcome you in, because it benefits them too! Even those who enter only seeking profits, eventually come to realize what’s truly happening… We are slowly liberating the entire planet from corrupt rulership.

Many people have told me that the crypto community doesn’t care about me. I ask them if they know what I mean by the ‘Crypto Community’. They don’t. In 2017, when Wall Street got scared, seeing that humanity was breaking free from their illusory construct, (into our own!) they attempted to engineer a crash, just like they had done to spark the Great Depression. It was the same exact move. They had all the dollars they could ask for, so it wasn’t hard for them to slowly buy in more and more. Then suddenly, after working the world into a frenzy over Bitcoin, and driving it up to nearly $20,000, They dropped out the floor. All those who had just seen the light of Crypto were crushed and they took it for a lost dream. The bankers pulled out SUDDENLY, and the price dropped ALL the way down. They had killed all confidence in that ludicrous, unregulated, volatile JOKE of a currency, which just so happened to be a THREAT TO THEIR UNJUSTIFIED RULE!

But the JOKE was on THEM.

Bitcoin plummeted down to $10,000. All the newcomers and profit-seekers sold off their Bitcoin. But for some reason, it stopped sharply around $10,000. The people who were holding Bitcoin at that very moment, ARE the ones I am referring to when I say the Crypto Community. Those of us who believed in building a new world economy that was fair and balanced – those who were dead set on building a world that could thrive – we didn’t sell. We knew that the world would need a reason to believe that volatility was just one of the kinks that we were still collectively working out, and though this factor was within our grasp, it was not the cause of the 2017 spike and crash. No, that was sabotage, plain and simple. Those of us who believed in the ideals of freedom, global unity, and equal opportunity for all – we are the Crypto Community, and we are the ones making a promise to you right now: WE HAVE GOT YOUR BACK IN THIS! We are ALL MOTIVATED TO HELP YOU WIN!!! We knew it would take time to build faith in this new system, especially with such a powerful enemy doing all it could to prevent our success. We were willing to invest, because we knew back then and even a decade ago, that this was the answer to EVERYTHING.

We have been fighting and investing and helping to judge this whole contest, so that today, we could tell you the good news! CRYPTO HAS WON! And if you get in now, you will simply watch in amazement as your bank account will likely begin to double and triple and quadruple…

You will be shocked when the $100 you invested as a joke, just to see, quickly begins growing all on its own. Suddenly it is worth $1000 and you did nothing at all! Suddenly it becomes thousands of dollars and you even buy yourself a new computer or bedroom set, because you DESERVE IT! Soon enough you realize that at a certain point, your portfolio’s growth will be equal to your living expenses. At a certain point, you realize – THAT MEANS YOU ARE RETIRED!

It means you no longer have to work for anyone but yourself! It means that YOU OWN ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF YOUR TIME! Besides all that, you are feeling better than ever before, because you can afford the best organic foods and medicines! You can afford to grow your own food in your own garden because you suddenly have TIME to garden AND you own property! You feel better than ever because you just went to visit your friend who was struggling with depression and you bought them the new car they needed. You are happier than ever because everyone loves you because you radiant confidence, and confidence is contagious. You are happier than ever because you are composing your grand concerto. You are producing the film that you always wanted to watch. You are finding the courage to stop letting your power feed negative systems. You grab the scepter and make the conscious decision that you are in control of your time and your life. Suddenly there is no excuse for not following your dreams. Everything changes when one is liberated from the prison of debt…

But how is this possible? What are the risks? What if I’m broke?

When Bitcoin hit $1, we were kicking ourselves for not buying at a penny.

When it hit $100, we said, ‘Darn, should have bought at a dollar!’

When it hit $10,000, we wished we got in at $100…

When Bitcoin hits 1 Million dollars, you will be VERY angry that you didn’t buy in at $40,000 (where it now stands, roughly – Early January 2021)

For nearly three years BTC (Bitcoin) has remained in the ball park of $10,000, with a few dips as low as $4,000, yet we, the unshakable Crypto Community, have held our faith in it. In this chart, you can see the entire history of BTC, with the 2017 sabotage spike quite clearly seen. You can also see that after the spike, it still never went as low as it was beforehand… In December of 2020, our new years gift, was the awakening of the Sleeping CRYPTO MARKET!!!

December 16th, We FINALLY HIT $20K for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY!!!

January 2, we hit $30K!!!!!


WE HIT $40K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, it goes up and down, but overall, it only goes up. If you are willing to hold long enough, it will ALWAYS end in profits. How could this be possible? All that goes up must come down… right?

Wrong. You are still thinking in the Federal Reserve economy… That sad place where you don’t even ‘deserve a seat at the table’. In the crypto economy, we make our OWN rules. Whether or not you realize it, you are voting with your money right now. Chances are, you don’t realize that, or else you would stop funding war and suffering. If you realized that you could be funding a solution, rather than the problem, would you not change your vote?

If everyone on the planet suddenly realized this, would they not also?

Last week, the Coin Market Cap reached one TRILLION dollars.

That means that 1,000,000,000,000 DOLLARS have now been converted into Crypto Currency. We are a human population of about 7.8 billion people on this planet. This means that for every human being on earth, about $128 has been invested in crypto already. When one recognizes the percentage of humanity that has actually purchased crypto, they realize that those who have, have bought in big. One Trillion dollars is an amount so astronomical that none of us have the ability to truly comprehend it. One trillion dollars could build an exact copy of New York City in an afternoon. One trillion dollars can build a civilization. It could colonize the moon. It could clean all the oceans or provide clean, renewable energy for the entire planet.

I’ve read estimates of how much ‘money’ is in the world, accounting for all known national currencies, but it is a difficult number to define, in a dollar amount, largely because half of it or more is know as the Black Budget. This money is used for illegal operations and moves through back channels that support the most disgusting industries on the planet – the CIA drug rings, arms markets, and even human trafficking – which Crypto investment also helps us to DIVEST from. No one wants to hear that they are, in fact, contributing to this dark economy, but the fact is, if you are holding dollars, then technically, you are…

These estimates of the total ‘value’ on Earth that is represented by national currencies, range from around 60-150 TRILLIONS.

So ONE of these TRILLIONS has already found it’s way into Crypto.

Will the other 60+ make the shift THIS YEAR???

PERHAPS! Considering that in the past year, Paypal started offering crypto accounts, as did ALL the major banks! Did you hear about that on the news?

An you think you ‘missed your chance’ with BTC because it’s ‘already done it’s thing’? The truth is, it’s still only JUST GETTING STARTED!

The crypto phone apps just keep on coming. You can get crypto debit cards that automotically convert to dollars whenever you need. There is nothing that you NEED TO LEARN in order to use crypto. As stated, it is no different than your online banking page, which is, literally, a crypto currency itself. In fact, your bank uses a far less secure network than the Blockchain Networks that crypto utilizes. All the greatest cryptologists in the WORLD are working on THIS GRAND CONTEST RIGHT NOW!!! THEY ARE CHALLENGING EACH OTHER TO CRACK THESE CODES!!!

This is to say, Crypto Coin teams are offering STAGGERING rewards to anyone who can crack their system! So YOU KNOW that the WORLD’S BEST HACKERS ARE TESTING THE EQUIPMENT FOR US!!! And we watch! If their offer stands for 5 years straight and no one can break it, we, the CRYPTO COMMUNITY, will CERTAINLY give them MAJOR props for that!!

By winding through this extensive narrative, I hope that the reader is intrigued enough as we progress, to understand that this is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to our planet in our known history. The sooner we ALL realize this, the sooner the PLANET HEALS! IT’S THAT BIG!!!

And I say BEAUTIFUL, because we are ALL DOING IT TOGETHER and ever since I learned what is really happening here, I also realized that IT IS AS GOOD AS DONE! IT CAN NOT BE STOPPED! No one controls Bitcoin! Everyone can see all the accounts that hold it, yet none can see who hold the accounts…

This means we are given complete access to see the distribution of wealth, yet we retain anonymity!

When you begin to see how every potential snag was solved since the start, you realize that this way bigger than ‘MONEY’…

You realize that what humanity is being given is ACCOUNTABILITY!

When you realize that an election can run on a blockchain network, then we can all vote from home! And we can feel secure enough to do it because we are ALL watching as EVERY SINGLE VOTE COME IN!

But hey, if it’s that easy, why don’t we just vote on everything?

If our nation faces a collective challenge, why not let the people choose?

In fact, why not institute a law saying that any petition receiving, let’s say 10,000 signatures, automatically generates a state referendum? Anyone who cares enough to vote, can vote!

How do you think the public would answer?

Should the U.S. invade Iraq and demolish Baghdad, murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the process?

Should foods containing GMO’s be labelled in grocery stores?

Should we drop a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima?

Did you ever authorize a president to make these decisions for you?

Sadly, you may have. Consent is endorsement. You may have voted for him yourself. But at the least, you consented to the completely illogical notion that being given a choice between two of the worst people that could possibly be handed power, once every four years, and appointing them to one of the most powerful offices on the planet actually constitutes a democratic system that you have a voice in…

I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist before, but to me, the above is a psychosis; one brought about by prolonged exposure to a primitive and brutal world that is every day filled with more hatred, intolerance, fear, division, substance abuse, violence, famine, drought, disease, war and all types of spiritual oppression. All of this because they write the news and they want you broken. As Mark Twain once said, if voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.

Ultimately, it comes down to this; Those who control the world’s money are not trying to solve the world’s problems…

I’m sorry to state some things here that may make the reader uncomfortable, but I believe we all recognize that we are worth much more than this. I want to vote against the war; not have to march on the Capitol after Baghdad is gone. We all deserve more than this.

I did my marches against Bush back when I was in high school. I’m sick of all that. I’m done protesting. Now, I am ATTESTING.

When you realize that CRYPTO is not just money, not just Bitcoin, not just a ‘fad’ – you realize that CRYPTO is LIBERATION. It is BLOCKCHAIN ACCOUNTABILITY and the big secret deeper layer, only just now being revealed in full – the core of the technology – QUANTUM COMPUTING.

You may not yet realize that the only thing holding us back from ‘Tesla’s Dream’ is the stranglehold that the oil industry has on energy…

You almost certainly have no idea of the FULL MEANING of the phrase, TESLA’S DREAM!!!

I mean a world where everyone alive has free energy. As in, energy you don’t pay for it! But I mean FREE ENERGY in it’s greater sense as well – OVER-UNITY TECHNOLOGY; energy harvested directly out of the air, with no nuclear, no coal, no oil, no gas, no solar panels, no batteries, no windmills, no invading foreign nations to steal THEIR energy resources!

An important aspect of this story, is that Saudi and American oil has long been the only safety that really holds the dollar in place as the global standard currency. You can’t buy this oil without dollars, thus it has been deemed the Petro-Dollar. Those masters of the dollar and of oil, conspired against Tesla to ensure that his unparalleled inventions never saw the light of day. They could control the oil and the power lines. They could not control or monetize Tesla’s free energy, so they kept it hidden from us. And not only his free energy, but his healing energy technology. The Tesla Chambers that use ultraviolet light to read and repair DNA – cure cancer, regrow organs you’ve lost and even age regress you up to 30 years! It provides over 6,000 cures, YES, INCLUDING COVID!!! It can kill Covid 19 in three minutes. Tesla’s Dream means the end of suffering for EVERYONE ON EARTH.

These things are REAL, but big pharma will not be the ones to manufacture them.

Big oil will not be the one’s to give you free energy appliances.

But now the ‘closet engineers’ and passionate tech nerds, who once spent their days applying for a job as a barista, can build their own prototype – their own company! The truth is, without the need to pay for power, we don’t really even need money at all on this planet! You can heat your home, cook your food… How much of your budget is simply heating/cooling, electric bill, gas in the car, etc?

If this technology can propel us into a world where integrated systems are easy for us to build ourselves, then that means we can solve any problem on the planet near instantly, simply by putting the question before a billion minds at once. If we weren’t fighting each other, on their behalf, we would have entered a Golden Age long ago…

The fact is, we have it all now! Let’s use it!

The fact is, you should make the switch TODAY and divest from the DEATH ECONOMY, in which public faith is diminishing, and INVEST in the LIFE ECONOMY, where everyone is appreciated greatly just for showing up!

Is it a PYRAMID SCHEME, though?

The answer to that is YES, it IS a pyramid scheme, but what makes this one different, is that the ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD IS GOING TO SIGN UP FROM SOMEONE THAT YOU SIGNED UP!!! Because YOU GOT IN WHEN only ONE of untold TRILLIONS of the planet’s wealth was invested…

If you get in now, then you can literally be the ONE PERCENT of the NEXT WORLD!! And if YOU believe in equal distribution, then you will have the power to make that call. If you do not get in now your timidness will land you lower down on the chain. Not only should you have gotten in before, but now you have no choice but to get in, because the dollar IS DYING as CRYPTO RISES! RIGHT NOW THIS IS HAPPENING! You are ACCEPTING that your dollar depreciates due to inflation, and yet too worried that the ever-rising Crypto market is too volatile…

The switch is inevitable. The whole globe is going Crypto. Once it goes, it GOES! AND IT WILL NOT STOP! Once the whole world SEES, the WHOLE WORLD THRIVES!!!

OKAY, so it all sounds great, but how does it work? Where does it come from?

Bitcoin’s origin’s were quite mysterious for a time. Who is Satoshi? Was he alone? Who was part of the team that made Bitcoin? How was it’s creation funded? Who is in control of it?

The simple answer is, none of it matters. It is designed so that we ALL control it. And NO ONE controls it. Bitcoin is ‘MINED’ – like a precious metal is mined from the ground. Since it is a digital asset, it is mined from the digital ‘land of numbers’… In order to mine new bitcoin, one must calculate prime numbers. In order to do so, you must have processing power. As all the lower prime numbers become calculated, they become increasingly difficult to calculate. So more processors are needed. Now, so many of these numbers have been calculated that cooperatives are nearly the only way to afford enough processing power to calculate these numbers and therefore generate bitcoin. Because they generate so much heat, ‘Bitcoin Mines’ are being set up in arctic climates and are collectively owned by co-ops that anyone can buy into. So mining is another option to explore in the crypto world… You can buy into this processing power so that you are mining for Bitcoin all the time, and the new coin is showing up in your account!

The reason this is so brilliant, is that it also stabilizes as it goes. If it’s not worth the processing power to generate a new bitcoin, no one will do it! But when the price of Bitcoin rises, then it’s worth mining again – and you can afford more processors!!! It is an infinity cycle. Yet it has a cap. At a certain point, probably still years in the future, we will reach a preset limit to the number of bitcoins that can be created. Once no more BTC can be created, it’s price will only rise that much faster!

The cap was set in order to give the world these many years to equalize its distribution; to give everyone a chance to get in on mining and trading. Essentially, whoever sees it first, will reap the highest rewards. Anyone who is aware of what the Dollar has been doing to the world, and who has dared to face volatility in order to put their faith in their fellows, will be rewarded more than any!

I believe that Bitcoin was created by an extremely intelligent and compassionate group, and I appreciate the artistic decision not leave a signature. I believe it was a much bigger operation than anyone realizes, and once the BIG CONTEST is over, I believe we may even learn who this group really was. I’d even bet a BITCOIN that it was related to the BRICS Alliance (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). From several insider sources, I followed the news over a decade ago, even before Bitcoin was released, that the BRICS Alliance was holding secret discussions on how to build a new global economic system, and those who were part of the Dollar/EU money machine, were specifically BANNED from attendance. No one in the Federal Reserve, Bilderberg Group or the Council on Foreign Relations was admitted either. These are groups who have shown us time and time again that they do not deserve the right to rule our economy. They have been in charge this whole time, and they have failed us HARD.

The Eastern Nations saw this great beast conquering the West, The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, The G7 Summits, the World Economic Forum… It was all a big club, and they all wanted more wars because wars made them richer. They were aiming to trick the Eastern Nations into engaging in World War 3 by staging conflicts in the Middle East, which they hoped would divide the world in half. A divided world is easily conquered, not by the sword but by the pen.

I believe that Crypto Economics was the solution that the BRICS Alliance came up with in order to spark the fire that would save the world…

As a cryptologist myself, and a lover of all codes, riddles, contests, races, and games, Bitcoin was a DREAM COME TRUE! I could not have designed a more incredible game myself! They found a way to pose the question to ALL the minds on Earth at once – without even telling them that they were ACTUALLY designing the next global financial infrastructure… but little by little, everyone started to realize that this is actually the case…

Everyone who understood the potential got in the game. They knew that Silicon Valley would take it and run. All they had to do was create one Crypto to RULE THEM ALL – ONE coin as the shining example of where to begin!

Bitcoin became the RESERVE CURRENCY of the crypto economy. It was the most stable of all of them, because it was the first. It was the one everyone began to hear about. It started building public trust and so it’s value steadily rose and the game began! It is the GOLD STANDARD of the crypto community, but it was never meant to be the final answer. It’s value would only increase forever, which makes it a no-brainer to hold, but spending a coin that is eventually worth one million dollars does not make sense. We need a fast, efficient, scalable coin.

I’ve watched this game since the begining, because even back then, I had seen the problem, and had been looking for the answer.

I had my favorites even from the start, and though I have lived in complete and utter poverty for the great majority of years, I have still watched and participated whenever possible. Eventually, I kept my mouth shut, because I had told everyone I knew, and they all called me crazy. I knew that they wouldn’t believe me until they saw the weight of it. It needed us ‘die-hards’ to PREACH it like GOSPEL and believe in it with all we had, just to get it to this point.

And now it has reached it’s all time high of $40,000, slowly but steadily, and some still tell me that I’m the crazy the one? While I’m watching my measly portfolio double every week? While their bank accounts fund their own enemy while losing value?

Every time they bailout the banks, your dollar takes major depreciation!

Meanwhile, CRYPTO continues to SKYROCKET!

The dollar will continue to die. Crypto will continually rise.

How long will it take before you notice this?

Yet still, there is SOOO much MORE GOOD NEWS!!! Ready?

The race is nearly over! The winner is about to be declared! All the kinks have been worked out over the last decade and the finalists are approaching the finish line! The world has never needed crypto like it does today, so how could we finally make the full switch? What could make the whole world shift, for good? Governments accepting it as a national currency???

There are two final requirements to claim the BIG WIN: one, it must be easily TIED TO GOLD and two, it must be marketable to governments. The gold will provide the final stabilization in the public mind and along with this whole plan, from the beginning, was an understanding that all the GOLD we were never even told about, will be reclaimed from those who stole it from humanity, many years ago! All the GOLD that they siphoned off from our collective productivity is still here, and we are about to GET IT BACK! It was ILLEGALLY stolen from us, and LEGAL means have made it available to BAIL OUT HUMANITY!!! I know this sounds too good to be true, but it IS TRUE!

There is enough gold to clean the oceans, green the deserts and even build off planet civilizations! ALL this gold, according to my research, reaching back to 2008, has been waiting for the perfect Crypto Coin, and when it is chosen, the gold will be tethered to it, and we who own the coins, will collectively OWN THE GOLD! ALL OF US! Everyone on Earth will own it!

RIGHT NOW, the governments of the world are shopping for their NEW NATIONAL CURRENCIES! And there are only a couple real choices to pick from! And you can HOLD THEM ALL! AND THEY ARE AROUND 30 CENTS RIGHT NOW!!!


Possibly within the YEAR!

This means you could multiply your investment by 5-10,000 TIMES, POTENTIALLY IN MERE MONTHS!

Or you could just wait until the the governments make their picks and try to get in afterwards…

Everyone wishes they bought stock in Netflix, or Amazon or Tesla in their initial offerings, but what you have before you makes those stocks look like ABSOLUTE JOKES! You are looking at an opportunity to invest in the NEW ECONOMY ITSELF – THE FUTURE OF MONEY ITSELF! NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, NO MATTER HOW FAMOUS YOU ARE, NO ONE MAKES MORE MONEY THAN THE BANKS!!!


Now there is one potential that could make a difference, and that could potentially change the Crypto game. Perhaps, instead of trying to tie the gold to an existing coin, we might be given a NEW coin that aims to collect all the benefits of those already in the market and THIS coin may have all the gold tied to it. If this happens, I believe that other cryptos would still hold their value anyways, at least to some extent, and that we will all be very happy ANYWAYS. If an announcement like this is made, it will be a very happy day, and the last thing on your mind will be whether or not your own portfolio is dropping. If that happens, then the whole world will finally realize that we’ve all always had everything we needed. Scarcity will be a thing of the past.

Passions will replace tasks.

You will wake up every morning excited to be alive, in a world that you love!

All those around you will thrive!

But even if this ‘Mystery coin’ should not appear, you can secure your own retirement right now by making sure that you are holding the few coins that are poised to WIN THE RACE!

So with no further mention of the ‘what’, let us approach the ‘HOW’.

If you are not itching to get started yet, you must not have understood…


If you want to get into day trading, then you can dive deep and try to climb up quick, OR, you can just buy a bit of BTC and chack in on it NEXT YEAR!




And this could literally happen within months, if you buy the coins the very few coins that the Governments are considering… $100 placed in one of these coins could become $500,000 – $1,000,000 VERY QUICKLY!

You can start cashing out with real estate or trips to Barcelona or ANY OTHER FORM OF VALUE THAT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY!


The way I see it, it’s only a matter of growing your protfolio until it covers your living expenses and then you are FREE. It is that simple. It’s just a matter of how quickly you reach that mark and whether or not you can handle the days when it all WILL go down. There will be days when your whole portfolio may drop 30%, but don’t worry! It comes RIGHT BACK UP EVERY TIME! DON’T SELL WHEN IT DROPS! Don’t be AFRAID! You are investing with your COMMUNITY! We are here to make this work. We won’t bounce out if you don’t! Selling when the price drops is a rookie mistake. We all just take those days together, because we know that overall, we are all winning together! They can’t frighten us anymore! WE HAVE THE POWER! VOTE FOR PEACE AND EQUALITY! VOTE TO DIVEST FROM THE DOLLAR! WE HAVE WON ALREADY! LET YOURSELF ACCEPT THAT!

So with no further ado, let’s get into the…


As I said, I will not tell you what to do with your investment. I will not be responsible if you invest your life savings without knowing what you’re doing and lose it all.

So the first rule of investing, in ANYTHING, is don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose. Don’t step out of your comfort zone. Don’t put anything into any coin you don’t fully understand. If you want to read the white papers of the various coins, than you will begin to understand what each coin has to offer, and whether or not you think that innovation is going to earn you profits, if it is worth something to you, then go for it! You don’t have to invest in the one’s you think will skyrocket, you can invest in the ones that you like!

OR you can go straight for retirement by picking the near-confirmed winners already. I will list a few coins that I believe are practically riskless long holds. They may go up or down week by week, but next year, you can bet they will still be fluctuating, but their value will likely have shifted one decimal place in your favor…

In the first decade of bitcoin, it has gone up and down and back and forth, though if you look at it’s graph, you will see that in truth, it has STEADILY ROSE from fractions of a penny to $40,000… Besides the engineered crash of 2017, it really HAS NOT been all that volatile. The more the Crypto community grows, the more stable Bitcoin has become.

Sure, it may drop back down from 40k to 20k. But Next year, it will far past 100k. Soon enough a BITCOIN WILL BE WORTH ONE MILLION DOLLARS. AFTERWARDS, ONE BILLION! IF the ups and downs in between will scare you too much, you will not grasp the bigger picture.

So, as stated before, you can choose your own level of involvement (time) and risk. You can start day trading and try your hand at inflating your fund as quickly as possible, or you can drop a dollar in Bitcoin and check back next year.

I have found a happy medium. I don’t care to spend my days starting at the screen, petrified that I might MISS the SELLING point… I believe that day trading tends to create more stress than it relieves, especially for beginners. Although, if you have some money to play around with, you can learn a great deal about the shapes hidden within the graphs. If you know what a coins BOTTOM is, the price that it will not drop below, due to unshaking faith proven from the community, then you will know that you won’t likely ever lose much at all buying at that price. If you learn the language of spikes and crashes, you may be able to do very well for yourself by trading the coins you have at their highest levels for those that are currently at their lows. But make no mistake, to learn this language, you will lose plenty of money, but the experience and knowledge may make those losses COMPLETELY WORTHWHILE. Do you love numbers and patterns and graphs? Then Maybe day trading is for you!

Most of us are probably not interested in spending all our time fixed to the screen. Day trading can become an obsession for some, and it could even encourage you to get GREEDY. Though, if you do it for fun, just to learn, and assume that you may lose it all, then it can be just that – FUN!

The mentality you bring into the Crypto world will determine what you get out of it. Here’s my suggestion…

You survived 2020. First of all, give yourself a hand. Give yourself some credit. Give yourself some love. Take $100 and give it to yourself as a gift.

Put this $100 into crypto (instructions below) and assume that you will lose it all. This amount of money could easily have been spent on gas in your car this week, or a meal out with your family. You can make another $100 in a day, if you’re working. It’s just $100 and if you lose it all THAT’S OKAY! It was gift from yourself! It was for you to play with. Besides, if you lose it all, I guarantee that you will consider that lesson to be worth FAR MORE than $100… You can leave it all in bitcoin, or divide it into 100 different coins. You can take long shots or safe bets. If you don’t have time to invest right now, then you can simply use my portfolio as an example. I am currently only holding 4 coins that I believe will do VERY WELL this year… and I will share these below, but we are not there yet. The point I am making is that this IS A GAME, and you develop your own strategy! There are unbelievably profitable long holds that you can simply ‘set and forget’ or you can spend a whole week to learn as much as you can, and if you choose to do this, it will be, without a doubt, the most worthwhile week of your life…

Get on Youtube! Read some White Papers! Just spend a day looking at coin prices…

Just get $100 into the market and you will see after a month of watching, most of how it all works. BUT ALSO UNDERSTAND that this $100 may, within mere months, be growing into the thousands and buying you many nice gifts ALL THROUGHOUT 2021…

Because you only invested $100, and losing it all would not be a big deal, you have entered the community with a light heart, and you CAN CONSIDER IT GAME! You can see that it is FUN!

There will always be risk involved in ANY form of investment, but what you need to realize is that, with the BILLIONS of people who have not yet entered this community starting to now enter, the CRYPTO GAME has never before been so forgiving to beginners.

It will be very hard to lose this this year… And that is why I have held my tongue for 3 years. Beforehand, it was still a little tricky. Today it is NOT.

But it was always just waiting to build a solid foundation of community. As the price has soared, so has the size of the community that will not sell out their coins NO MATTER WHAT!

The promise from this community is a much stronger backing than a promise from the Federal Reserve. The Fed promises to depreciate the value of your dollar every year through inflation. They subtly decrease it’s buying power so gradually that humanity never notices because it happens too slowly, or they think it is inevitable. Meanwhile, Bitcoin continues to rise EVERY TIME someone new joins the game!

SO LET’S GO! Here’s how you do it!

Go to and start an account. Coin base is the undisputed ‘easiest place to start’. It is simply an online bank account, which you can easily connect to your own online bank account or debit card. You can buy Bitcoin directly with dollars, in any amount you choose. You will be charged a transaction fee to buy this bitcoin, and that is how Coin Base gets paid, but once your money lands in the platform, it becomes, not money, but a digital asset. Once converted into crypto, it is immune to taxation and can be traded for any other coin without loss. For this reason, cryptos can only be taxed or controlled when they are converted back into dollars and the big secret is – THEY NEVER HAVE TO BE CONVERTED BACK INTO DOLLARS!!

You can look around at the many ways in which coins have attempted to solve the problem of ‘EASE OF USE’. You can get a debit card that automatically converts your assets to money whenever you need it! It is no more difficult than what you are already doing right now…

If you set up a coin base account, then it is almost the same as having an online banking account, in that you will have to provide proof of identification. You name will be tied to the account, but your BITCOIN WALLET ADRESS will be a completely anonymous string of numbers and or letters. If you want to remain COMPLETELY off the radar, you can try to find a wallet without such id verification necessary and purchase bitcoin through a BTC ATM, though you will likely pay 5-10% more for this anonymity. Though I am a very private person, I do not feel that it’s worth it. Coin Base is fine for me, and I believe that soon enough, complete anonymity will be established in a much more convenient way, especially if the best of the cryptos ends up winning out…

Coin base is designed as a beginner’s platform. You have access to 20 or so of the top coins to start trading with. If you want to have access to MANY MORE coins, you might want to create an account with Bittrex, Binance or one of the many other trade platforms that function no different from a stock exchange. Many of the coins have apps, online wallets or desktop wallets so you can keep your coins on your own computer, online or even on a device like Ledger, which is essentially a thumb drive that allows you to literally hold all your coins in your hand, offline. This would not be a bad idea if your portfolio becomes more than just a game…

Bookmark your coin base account and right below it, bookmark

Coin Market cap is the home of ALL CRYPTO CURRENCIES. It is the most important page that you will end up using constantly. You can see the prices of every coin – their graphs based on the last hour, 24 hours, week, month, 3 months, year, or entire history. This site has ALL THE INFO you will need. At the very top, it will inform you as to the TOTAL MARKET CAP FOR ALL CRYPTO COINS, which has recently surpassed ONE TRILLION DOLLARS. You will be able to understand what the crypto market is doing on any given day. You will see which coins are currently doubling while others are falling…

You will notice that, for the most part, all the graphs will loosely reflect the Bitcoin graph. Bitcoin is the RESERVE CURRENCY of all the alt coins, so most of them tend to follow it’s course for the most part. You will always see at the top of the list, the ‘biggest players’ – the TOP COINS, based on many considerations from many forms of data.

You will See Bitcoin listed first, followed by Etherium and so on. (Personally, I am not much a fan of Etherium, because though it has always done very well and provided some useful innovations, I believe that ultimately, it is sort of the ‘enemy’s horse’ stuck into our race… I think it is backed by many of those who want to win the race and subtly sneak in methods by which they might hold control over the asset, or prevent our right to anonymity. Yet, this is just a personal feeling, so maybe you like it…

Below ETH (Etherium) is generally a coin called tether. This was a coin that filled a need of the Crypto community. The entire point of Tether is to offer a currency that will remain LOCKED to the price of the dollar. It only fluctuates within a penny for the most part, and so all crypto enthusiasts know that at any given moment, if things get weird, they can convert all their holdings to Tether until it settles out. They can rest assured that this coin will retain it’s value until the volatility settles. So Tether is an important and useful coin that should only boost your confidence more!

Next, we find some of the best coins since the beginning of the race – those that have solved all the problems that needed to be solved and continue to solve the new problems. We Find Ripple XRP, Litecoin LTC, Bitcoin cash BCH, Cardano ADA, Stellar Lumens XLM and many more. These are all at the top of the list for a reason. It is because they have teams behind them that have worked VERY HARD for such a position on this list. These might be good coins to research further if you have the time, but soon enough, I will reveal why I have narrowed down the top picks to only a couple.

Coin Market Cap 1/10/2021

When you are ready to get in, spend some time getting to know these top contenders. Explore Coin Market Cap and just look for a while…

In fact, before you buy $100 of Bitcoin and start trading, why not watch BTC for one week. Note it’s lowest price that week and the next week, wait for it to be at it’s lowest point within it’s weekly fluctuations. Buy $100 worth when it is closest to that low… then you will likely start with a nice little boost, rather than an immediate loss. But remember, that loss will again be gained tomorrow. Once you have $100 in bitcoin, maybe you want to just leave it all there for a week without touching it and simply watch it.

Each morning, you will find that you are giddy with excitement to check in with your little pot and see if you might have made $10 in your sleep… It will become your friend and you will also check in with it each night before bed. Perhaps you’d like to set aside ten percent of your portfolio to just drop on whatever coin looks like it’s doing good that week and leave it overnight. Don’t be afraid to play around, but don’t take bigger risks than you need, at least until you start to understand what you’re doing.

If youfeel the need, you can get into a more professional trading platform like Bittrex and set automatic triggers on you coins, so that if, say the coin drops belo a certain amount, or loses a certain percentage in a certain amount of time, it automatically sells your coins!

So if you can set an automatic sell trigger, you realize that you can actually set your risk level at ZERO! THINK ABOUT THAT! So technically, volatility is NOT EVEN A CONSIDERATION unless you choose to set no boundaries. I don’t use triggers because I know that in truth, if I set my coins to sell when they lose, say 10% in a day, then I will be selling all my coins at a loss… Alternatively, you could set you coins to sell when they are HIGH, which makes a lot more sense! You can say that when your bitcoin gains 10%, or when it hits 50K or whatever trigger you choose, it will sell automatically or trade for Tether, which will remain unchanged until your next visit to your portfolio when you can take a look and reassess.


If you want to take it all a step further, you can subscribe to a consultant, or or even a BOT – and utilize ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE in order to help make your picks. I have friends who have advised ELITES and WORLD BANK FINANCIERS, who now wish ONLY TO HELP OTHERS FIND THEIR WAY. There are many intelligent people who offer Crypto advice for $5-10 per month… which is an INSIGNIFICANT NUMBER once you are involved in CRYPTO. They will tell you what is hot and why one or another coin may boom this week – because they are spending all their time researching the next moves of every team… they are looking at every announcement may come out this week… THEY are scanning the horizon to help you make the best picks. So all you have to do is listen and see if they really know what they are talking about…

If they don’t, try someone else!

Understand that there WILL be rough days. If you’re $100 turns into $50 overnight, you will be a little disappointed. Yet, even if you turn that $100 into $1,000, 90% of which all came to you for FREE, believe me when I say that your $1,000 turning into $500 overnight will be a little more than disappointing to you – ESPECIALLY IF YOU DECIDE TO SELL! You will never see this extent of loss, unless Wall Street buys back in tries to short it again, but I do not see that ever happening. I think they understand that they have been defeated… Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is possible.

AND IF IT DOES HAPPEN, you still have the same amount of bitcoin! Just pretend that you JUST bought in and YOU JUST GOT IT AT THE LOWEST POINT IN ITS CORRECTION WAVE! To sell low is the NUMBER ONE ROOKIE MISTAKE. It is a guaranteed way to lose. ALWAYS UNDERSTAND that it will WILL CORRECT ITSELF and it WILL SOON BE HIGHER THAN EVER.

Do not PANIC. Ride the waves. Have some faith in your COMMUNITY!

We kept them from destroying our ideals when they gave it everything they had. We never let it go down below our mark. We held at 10K!

Since I started writing this article, BTC has lost me $100 and already gained it back again…

Faith is belief in something without knowing for sure. I have unshakable faith in the CRYPTO COMMUNITY, because I have enjoyed their support for ten years now. It will take you some time to understand this for yourself -BUT WE ALL HAVE YOUR BACK! You can TRUST IN US!

And so, I feel I have generally described to you the rules of this game, and you can now make your own playbook. As I said, I believe it will be HARD TO LOSE NOW. But what I will tell you next is what this is ALL leading to, and I must say once more, for my own protection, this is NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE – I am merely telling you about my won experience and the things that I believe are going to inevitably happen THIS YEAR!

What if there is more GOLD on this planet than we have ever been told about? How did the tricksters who fooled us into a Federal Reserve economy and depression lock our faith into the DOLLAR? What if this stockpile of gold, stolen from us by this banker’s cartel for centuries, was waiting patiently to be tied to winning CRYPTO and END the volatility debate ONCE AND FOR ALL? Would that perhaps spark the interest of the world? Would that be the push that knocks down the first domino? Would the WHOLE WORLD SUDDENLY WAKE UP? If the GOLD STANDARD were to return, not to dollars, but to CRYPTO, do you think that BITCOIN would keep resting at 40,000???

What if, at the same time, all the governments of the world announced that they were adopting a GOLD BACKED CRYPTO AS THEIR NATIONAL CURRENCY??????????


This is the endgame of the entire experiment.

Who can create a Crypto that can easily be backed by gold and which is marketable to GOVERNMENTS…

Well, many governments seem to be looking at RIPPLE – XRP… A coin that has been a favorite of mine since the start! From energy efficiency to environmental concerns, to speed, to ease of use, to scalability, to international transactions and every other detail the CRYPTO COMMUNITY decided was important, RIPPLE HAS ANSWERED THE CALL! And now, it has attained these last two requirements and is READY TO GO!

XRP trades for about THIRTY CENTS RIGHT NOW – but IF it is ‘officially’ SELECTED AND ANNOUNCED, it WILL rise to at LEAST $1,000 per COIN!


Perhaps you would like to put a little bit into RIPPLE… If you do the math, you might understand that this could turn $100 into $500,000-1,000,000.


I don’t know when or if this announcement will be made, but I know that if it is, I want to be IN BEFORE IT COMES!

You could literally multiply your investment by 5-10,000 TIMES!!!

Keep in mind, in the crypto-backchannels of the internet, (youtube, FACEBOOK CRYPTO GROUPS [both great places to learn…]) or in real life, there is a lot of shade being thrown on Ripple XRP for a lawsuit last week against them. DO NOT BE MISLED! This lawsuit is SIMPLY THE EVIDENCE THAT THEY ARE SCARED OF IT!!!


At 30 cents…

What about the competition? One of the only other coins poised as perfectly as RIPPLE is, is called Stellar Lumens XLM. This is ALSO TRADING AT ABOUT THIRTY CENTS RIGHT NOW, and if chosen by some or ALL GOVERNMENTS, will make a similar rise!


If you split your investment between Bitcoin, Ripple and Stellar, and leave it alone until next year, I would make an EDUCATED GUESS and say that you would probably be HAPPY, if not RETIRED and utterly LOADED!

You may be buying a yacht or a hundred acre farm, or starting your dream business, though you will not be in business seeking profits, but rather, FULFILLMENT!

Or it could do absolutely nothing.

To me, it’s worth THROWING THOSE DICE…

The value of those coins will inevitably rise continuously, at least as fast as your dollar would depreciate…

But IF even ONE of the governments says they like Ripple, or Stellar Lumens,

(which many governments may have already implied strong feelings for…),

and you’ve got a thousand Ripple or Stellar,

that you bought for 30 cents each,

then you are most welcome, my friend!


So this is a pretty special moment, not only because the race is ending, but because I’ve always liked Ripple! And I’ve put ‘assets’ on them in the past! And I’m proud of them! And people who don’t know tell me, ‘There IS NO “Crypto-Community”… When let me know when you want to meet them!

I liked a lot of the horses in this race, and now I’m seeing them ALL WIN! I like EVERY HORSE! Metaphorical or otherwise! Whether they succeed or fail, ALL the coins are PEOPLE who are really trying to help the world solve a CRITICAL CRISIS!

And all non-metaphorical horses deserve a nice warm barn and all the hay they eat, and CARROTS ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT, IF THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT! And everyone could actually afford the time and resources to take care of their horses! To ride them every day…

I always liked Litecoin too… but it’s not about what I like, it’s your own free choice. I don’t want to influence your decisions. You can easily convert your bitcoin portfolio into any of these coins (BTC, XRP, XLM, LTC…) within Coin Base, without paying fees or anything. Pulling out some profits and investing in other precious metals like silver is not a bad idea either, though it would seem that you can simply buy your gold and silver WITH Crypto in the most efficient system possible! So maybe you should cash out with REAL ESTATE! Owning land is one of the safest investments, especially if it is land that you love and it has value to you. The more you diversify, the more protected your assets become!

With coinbase, it’s literally this simple:

You have enough coins to start learning with, but eventually, try new platforms too.

Making conversions could not be simpler. You can enter the amount on dollars, bitcoin, or just convert all you have of that coin to another!

I don’t want to tell which picks to make, I just want to make you aware that you can be a judge in this contest! Give yourself some authority! How else can reclaim REAL LIBERTY? The truth is, there is no other way. THIS is the way.

I would imagine that if you put that $100 in right now, which YOU DESERVE, just for surviving 2020, you will NOT BE WAITING UNTIL NEXT YEAR TO CHECK IN!

Instead, you will be calculating the time it will take before you retire – before your portfolio’s growth outweights your monthly expenses.

That will be the day when your life CHANGES FOREVER!

Below I will include some videos that you can watch in order to learn more about XRP and XLM. It would also serve you well to look into some of the other systems being set up to deal with interfacing with gold. There are really not so many teams that have even noticed that this is the ENDGAME factor, much less actually solved it. There are very few picks, and you can hold them ALL…

I find it also helpful to try and find some coins that may continue rising when the BTC market tends to drop. In other words, coins whose graphs don’t always line up with the the bitcoin graphs on Some coins offer things so unique, that they tend to hold their own steady ascent regardless of what the Crypto market is doing in general. For example, I’ve recently been interested in Theta, which has developed a network in which you can share your computer’s processing power, when you are n’t using it, with others on the network. When you are using it, YOUR speed is boosted by THEIR computer! And both of you are generating value in yet another trading asset! So you are generating more wealth in the crypto market by helping each other! And because it’s a good idea, people are happy to invest in it, with dollars… I think that’s a cool idea, and I think that idea would be valuable regardless of the gold or anything else…

We should begin to understand that the Crypto economy will become a forum in which we will meet together and vote with our own hard earned investment, on which applications of this infinitely-applicable technology can help humanity the most. When will someone invent the ‘Clean the Oceans coin’, or the ‘Defend the Wildlife’ coin? Because I would get behind that! And so would a lot of the Crypto Community, which, inevitably, eventually, will be the whole world…

You can’t get Theta on Coin Base, but like many coins, you can get a wallet just for it, or find a platform it does trade on and then you learn how send and receive coins by simply copying ‘addresses’ and pasting them in… You can see how this works with

This would not be a bad page to bookmark as well, as you can trade a large number of coins there and send them from or to any other address, in any other platform or wallet after they are converted.

It only took me a minute look up ‘theta wallet’ and I just clicked the first one honestly. If I was investing thousands, I would probably do a bit of research before trusting any online wallet, but honestly, I don’t find much of a reason to distrust in the crypto community, which I feel is due to the fact that everyone is, quite frankly, KILLING IT – BECAUSE of each other… No one HAS to get screwed for ALL of us to get EVERYTHING! You will start to see the world in a different light…

There have been many ‘pump and dump’ coins and most crypto enthusiasts probably fell for at least one or two of them, near the beginning, when it was really the Wild West… A ‘pump and dump’ coin is when a team tries to show us something that is too good to be true, and knowing that Crypto doesn’t really follow the ordinary laws of ‘economic physics’, we gave it a shot, because hey! If it worked we would be rich! and it was pennies anyway! They tried to pyramid-scheme people in and then, once it’s cruising, they ditch out on the community and sell everyone out to cash out for themselves in bitcoin. We in the Crypto Community have a simple word for these types: TRAITORS! But they not but a distant memory now. The age of ‘pump and dump’ coins is long since over. We have all realized that there is plenty for us here that is more stable than anyone realizes. And the profit potentials are simply incalculable! There is no need to dabble in risky schemes anymore…

Stellar Lumens XLM is also associated with V999 and GNS or Genius Coin. I will list this video first because it is only a few minutes long, yet helps to illustrate the whole ‘gold and governments’ factor and also proves that the numbers I am stating above are not guesses, they are guarantees for what these coins are DESIGNED to do… And like bitcoin, there is no reason why they should even stop at $1000, or $10,000… What is simply described in this video is not so different from what is also going on with RIPPLE… So understanding the v999 network, Genius Coin and Stellar Lumens, would be well worth you time. I am also learning about cryptos that already offer essentially, a share of gold that you can hold digitally. You can buy a tenth of an ounce of gold for around $7, but this digital gold holding may likely shoot straight up soon as well… Some people believe that soon Ripple will just win big and all of bitcoin will flood into it. There are many theories, but the truth is, we still don’t know what will happen, but we are all expecting BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS SOON… and we hope that you can join in the discussion. The best we can do is line ourselves up with what we most want, or cover all the bases of the most likely scenarios…

As I said, I believe that we are about to learn about a GREAT DEAL of gold that we never even knew existed…

So how will this announcement alone change the game? Will gold prices drop? Will it all be tied directly to a single crypto like XRP or XLM, chosen for their accomplishments? Will a new coin be announced for the entire globe and the gold standard tied to it? If this were to happen, would the currency be equally distributed to every human being on earth? Would that mean that ALL OF US own ALL THE GOLD? That would be a VERY QUICK WIN for the WHOLE PLANET… As long as it was decentralized – a round table with no one at the head. This is essentially the plan for the ‘Quantum Financial System’, which seemingly aims to create a fair and balanced infinity system in which EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING IS GIVEN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IN THIS WORLD.

The World Economic Forum has their own plans, which they refer to as the ‘Great Reset’. They hope to use the public pandemic fear and distrust in the dollar, to justify a new GLOBAL ECONOMIC SYSTEM in which they are the proverbial ‘FEDERAL RESERVE’ OF THE ENTIRE PLANET! This would absolutely mean nothing short of a near irreversible GLOBAL COUP in which the ENEMY of the people become the undisputed rulers of the planet. As they have always wanted, they would have full financial control over the entire EARTH, and thus control of EVERY GOVERNMENT.

But regardless of which new economy we are given, THE WORLD OF CRYPTO IS THE SAFEST PLACE YOU CAN COME TO! It is the only place where a community faith has been built to PROTECT your theoretical ‘VALUE’. Only when your investments are IN WITH THIS COMMUNITY, will you be free to not care about Republican or Democrat, socialism or capitalism, Quantum Financial System or Great Reset…

Let me make another note on the Crypto-Code before continuing on with specific coins. (the Crypto Code – philosophic principles that I would imagine much of the Crypto Community would tend to agree with…)

The National Debt is NOT YOURS! Stop allowing them to convince you that you owe the richest people on the planet ANYTHING AT ALL! Half the world has ALREADY AWAKENED TO THIS SYSTEM, we just don’t know it because our media hides it from us in this country. Every war we’ve never heard of, in countries we don’t even know about, has mysteriously ended with a GLOBALIST FRIENDLY (“democratically elected”) LEADER who’s first move is ALWAYS to implement a Rothschild maintained National Bank. It’s not a coincidence, and more importantly, you DON’T HAVE TO KEEP LOOKING AWAY FROM IT! We FOUND the SOLUTION!


Or HAVE we???

Did we not proclaim quite loudly that we knew back when we OCCUPIED WALL STREET???

It’s okay to admit that things got a little weird here because honestly, some bad people who were very greedy and just wanted to control the entire world, ended up infiltrated and commanding our governments by offering them loans and then using them like puppets and forcing them to tax their own people just so that they could keep up with the insane interest payments that are based on an empty promise of NOTHING from NO ONE! Meanwhile they used their BOTTOMLESS DOLLAR TO FUND BOTH SIDES OF EVERY WAR! They siphoned off ALL the GOLD. They fan the flames of the ignorant, pointless march of IMPERIALISM, mocking those of us who TRULY DO LOVE OUR COUNTRY – or at least the PEOPLE of our country that make it what it is… They’ve made patriotism depressing because the only people still waving the flag must be blind. It just reminds us how far off course we are…

Why do you think Kennedy was assassinated?

Why did Eisenhower BOLDLY WARN US of the hidden concentration of power within the Military-Industrial-Finance-Complex in his final speech?In my own opinion, one can not begin to understand what Crypto really is, until, having watched this FULL SPEECH, they fully understand it’s weight.

This VERY IMPORTANT, because I don’t just want to sell you on investing in Crypto, I want you to fully understand WHY we MUST make the shift; why it is INEVITABLE, and why THIS IS THE GLOBAL REVOLUTION WE’VE ALL BEEN DREAMING ABOUT AND IT COULD NOT BE MORE NEEDED AND WONDERFUL.

This ideal, in my mind, was truly BORN in this very MOMENT, when one of our LAST GREAT PRESIDENTS TOLD THE WHOLE WORLD WHAT WAS HAPPENING!

This moment marked the beginning of a resistance – one that grew into a hopeful new age with Kennedy, who learned EVERYTHING from Eisenhower and went straight after the bankers, aiming to print money backed by the treasury’s last silver (Executive Order 11110). He was not afraid of the FED. Or the CIA.

And then we all know what happened. And the truth is, ever since that moment, this country has been a different place. The mood changed. Suddenly, it was just ok for the CIA to kill their own PRESIDENT? and GET AWAY WITH IT, EVEN THOUGH THEY DID A BAD JOB COVERING IT UP? AND WE WERE SUPPOSED TO ACT LIKE WE DIDN’T KNOW??? WE WERE SUPPOSED TO TELL EACH OTHER TO JUST LET THAT SLIDE???


We can’t heal as a nation unless we forgive ourselves – because the fact is, we’ve all seen it! It’s just hard to acknowledge because we never knew what we could do about it! BUT THAT IS A LEGITIMATE QUESTION! What COULD we have done?

We have lived in prison of fear for quite a while, and to be honest we need to take it easy on ourselves for a moment.

We need to embrace the fact that our world is pretty messed up,


What IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY, however, is to embrace the door out out of it when it is shown to us. That DOOR is the Crypto-Economy.

We know the surveillance they have. We know that the NSA has a record of every single text, phone call and social media post you’ve ever made.

Why do you think President Wilson was so regretful once he realized what he had done?

The Federal Reserve has had ONE CENTURY TO FIX THE WORLD.


AND YES, IT IS THEIR FAULT! They could have allowed everyone to thrive at no expense to themselves, but they wanted a fascist grip across the entire planet. There’s just no pleasing some people.

I know a lot of Iraq War Vets and I’ll say this, they didn’t come back feeling very patriotic at all. To be honest, the tone I get is an overall sense of having been used for something that was just wrong in every way, and beyond that, worst of ALL, it was POINTLESS except to line some more pockets. And they had entered the military, planning and hoping to defend their country. They got a lousy deal and then they were abandoned by the government, with severe PTSD, many of them homeless, with remaining medical bills.

Did our government pay to help them? No. The government paid the Federal Reserve bank FOR NO REASON AT ALL – the very people who had engineered the war that psychologically damaged these vets in the first place – THE ONLY 50 OR SO PEOPLE on the PLANET who actually BENEFITTED (financially) FROM THAT WAR! I’m certainly not much of a pro-military person myself if that was not obvious, but I respect our troops for what they hoped they’d be doing, and for what they intended to do. The bottom line is, they got pretty raw deal, and it certainly doesn’t make ME feel like I will ever be able to take PRIDE in the country I live in. That’s not what they signed up for. It’s not what I signed up for. I can’t identify with a a country like that. I don’t think any of us can.

Thus we begin to notice that each one of us has, subtly programmed within us, a slight existential, PERSONAL-NATIONAL identity-relationship crisis.

What does it do to a person when they are forced to live within a country they can’t identify with? What would Carl Jung say? Or Joseph Campbell, when he spoke of society’s ‘Symbolic deficiency’, which has been affecting our collective judgement ever since we lost the tradition of keeping a National Mythology. Perhaps in Golden Ages of the distant past, we made better use of symbols, but today we are only bombarded by subliminal imagery of an all-surveilling war machine – that we had better not talk about.

As counter-culture as I tend to be, I could still picture myself feeling a bit proud of my country if the troops were just returning home after freshly defeating Hitler. (Assuming I wasn’t aware that these bankers were also funding Hitler, including Prescott BUSH… George H.W’s father.) I’d like to think I’d be singing songs with Woody Guthrie about defeating fascism…

It always seems a lot easier to deal with FOREIGN fascism. It’s harder for us admit that this time, the once NOBLE AMERICA, has now become the FASCIST STATE that needs dismantling.

In fact, the greatest encounter I ever had with US Military, was at Standing Rock in North Dakota, when the indigenous community called out for help defending their land from foreign invaders, set on pumping and leaking highly toxic chemicals into their WATER TABLE. This is not right, so I answered that call, because WATER IS LIFE! MNI WICONI! Mitakuye Oyasin! An organized caravan of Vets started pouring in one day, by the thousands! Their vehicles backed up outside the camp continuously for days, as more and more kept coming in. We helped set up army tents as quick as we could because it was cold. As I helped them, I was really grateful that they had all showed up and I talked with them a bit.

What fascinated me was that this was the first time a saw an American soldier ACTUALLY FIGHTING TO PROTECT HIS HOMELAND FROM THE INVADING PETRO-DOLLAR – rather than – INVADING SOMEONE ELSE’S COUNTRY ON BEHALF OF THE PETRO-DOLLAR. It was clear from their expression that they fully realized the extent of this tragic irony. We were all pretty clear on the what this reversal of roles truly meant to them, to us, and to the American public who saw it on the news. It was certainly not only Native Vets, but a diverse crowd from all across the country – THOUSANDS OF SOLDIERS, who had realized that they had been on the wrong side before…

It meant a lot to me, to witness their appreciation for having a chance to correct that… To fight for the GOOD side.

They brought a great deal of attention to the issue and helped to make our stand at Standing Rock that much more impressionable. The US military was now VOLUNTEERING to fight the oil giant Enbridge, who could only hire a MERCENARY ARMY like TigerSwan, because the ONLY way you can get human beings to hose down innocent people with high powered hoses and tear-gas, in subfreezing temperatures, on their own land, at night, and spray out the fires that they are trying to use in order save each other from hypothermia, simply because they’re trying to protect their only water source from being poisoned forever, is by PAYING THEM LOTS OF MONEY.

See why we need a new economy?

It’s all connected. If you don’t understand how terrible the OIL INDUSTRY REALLY IS, then watch this film! I met John Bolenbaugh at Standing Rock, after having seen him on the news beforehand. I even helped him make this film after Standing Rock, and today I will share his message again! John lays it all out, he was inside the industry and if you didn’t know until now, now you know: THE OIL INDUSTRY IS PURELY EVIL AND UNNECESSARY!

These wars don’t end, you just don’t hear about them anymore, especially in American media. But if you find all this to be going a little too far, then I can only offer you the career-long account of one of the secret men who orchestrated this financial imperialism; the most subtle, yet effective way to slowly take over the planet before anyone notices…

And when you say it like that it sounds pretty bad, I know, but the fact is, we can’t fix it until we accept it. Then we have to do something about it. We have to take action. YOUR MONEY IS YOUR LABOR. Whether you realize it or not, YOUR MONEY IS YOUR REAL VOTING POWER… Understand that. It’s a FACT.



It is our safety net, while the Dollar and Euro lie on their death bed…

It’s our lifeline.

We, the crypto community, have built some serious faith in this ideal, so that TODAY, YOU WOULD HAVE TEN YEARS OF GRAPHS TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND THAT IT IS NOT A JOKE!!!

When Bitcoin has steadily ascended over a decade from nothing to $40,000…

I don’t know what to tell you, when you tell me it’s all a fad…

Why would it come this high and suddenly start failing?



Say goodbye to worry and anxiety.

Anything that happens in the world now, is ultimately going to be within OUR CONTROL.

Soon the PEOPLE WILL RULE, by consent of the governed!

We will collectively wield the ‘scepter of power’ in an ACTUAL, DIRECT DEMOCRACY!!!


So don’t call me a financial advisor, but spread the word to ALL those you know.

YOU WON, because you read all of this, and you have everything you need!

As of this moment, you are FREE.


Stop thinking about your bills.

Start thinking about your dreams.



– Anonymous

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