Theosophy and the Rainbow Godhead

In the Theosophical description, prophets and sages have always delivered a singular ‘doctrine.’ Often, they will leave the world for a time to find solitude in the wilderness. If they quiet their minds enough, then they will hear the ‘Voice of the Silence.’ Once they have become a purified vessel – the Sacred Chalice that has emptied itself of it’s own ambitions, desires and past karma, then the into the cup may be poured the divine elixir – the influence of the godhead, which is a manifestation of the Gaian Earth-mind; a Sub-logos that is connected to/sourced out of the higher logos, that of the Sun, which pulls from the higher logos still, that of the Milky Way, and so on…

The conscience mind of the universe is ultimately precipitating down into any mind that can still itself – any mind that has been emptied of personal motives, can embrace the motives of this consciousness, of nature, of the natural evolution of body, mind and soul. This Great Mind wants for ALL of humanity to reach enlightenment, and IT WILL – inevitably, eventually, but each soul will make it in their own time.

When the creative consciousness reaches all the way down to human beings, it is divided among the Seven Rays – the seven differing styles of the energy. Just like a beam of light split into the spectrum of the rainbow, ALL the authentic teachers are able to hold this light within themselves, but it shines in a slightly different color for each of them, and with varying luminosities. You may approach the Godhead by Jesus, Muhammad, The Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tsu, Moses, Wakan Tanka, Zarathustra, Milarepa, Hermes, Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, etc, etc, etc…

It is up to you to determine which teachers to believe in. You must decide for yourself which ones have been able to retrieve the message in its greatest fullness, and in the language closest to your understanding. Whether you ride through the higher worlds on the wings of the Christ Consciousness, or Krishna Consciousness, you will eventually become the One again. There will be no difference once the Rainbow is transcended, and only the unbroken light remains.

Simply pursue the path that you can find. Do not speak harshly against any other path – this is our gift, free will. Do not speak harshly at all, or you will find none of these paths. Some may be quicker than others, but beware of any that causes harm to others. Such endeavors can only reach so high, and you will never be able to make it all the way unless you have agreed to renounce your personal desires in order to aid in the unfoldment of the will of nature. You will still be unique, and your personal talents will be amplified as you learn to converse with your higher self – then you become the ARTIST; the co-creator of reality.

Not all people are ready to reach towards divinity at all, and perhaps they would choose to live in a way that does not accelerate their progress, but instead allows them time to explore the world of sense gratification. This is not wrong necessarily, the being may explore this realm as thoroughly as they need. They may spend a thousand lifetimes gratifying their senses. As long as they are not causing harm to others, there is nothing wrong with this, it is merely idling. They will eventually discover one of the pathways out of the wheel of Karma. The Godhead does not mind if you would like to stay here, swimming in the sea of karmic experience. Yet one should know, that as long they remain in the embrace of Maya, and hold to desire, suffering will remain. Take all the time you need, but realize that, ultimately, there is another world that is waiting for you if you are ready to build the discipline of mind and approach…

With so many enlightened teachers currently living and walking on the earth, I would suggest that this would be a great lifetime to work on transcendence…

Just a thought.


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