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Ancient Mysteries (below)


Middle East/Far East




Historical and Sacred Texts



Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly P. Hall

The ‘Man of the Mysteries’ lays out the entire spectrum of the all mystical traditions throughout the ages and across the world. The Secret Teachings is an encyclopedia of the greatest metaphysical concepts mankind has yet gathered and a history of those who preserved them.


Serpent in the Sky, John Anthony West

The Great Sphinx is far older than you’ve been told. John West’s groundbreaking case for advanced wisdom in prehistoric times utterly destroys the traditionally held timeline for the development of human civilization as we know it.

Temple of Man, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz

The incredible sophistication of the Egyptian sciences as demonstrated in their method of building eternal living teachers – temples that embody lessons and vibrational effects that lift the consciousness of the initiate.

Forgotten Civilization, Robert M. Schoch Ph.D.

Grounded in solid geological evidence, Schoch demonstrates that in fact, the accepted timeline of Egypt’s development (and that of many other cultures worldwide…) is indeed, entirely false. After bringing a specialist’s validation to West’s Sphinx Erosion Theory, Schoch examines the sun’s role in cataclysmic events of history and perhaps the future.

Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock

From Egypt to Central America, to Cambodia, to the UK, to Peru, and so on… We begin to see that cultures from around the entire world were interconnected at one time in the distant past and were united in an effort to build incredible monuments at very specific positions across the globe.

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, Charles Hapgood

Ancient maps prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world was explored long before the ‘Age of Exploration’ and advanced technology was used in order to very accurately map longitude – in an age before Antarctica was covered in ice!

Earth in Upheaval, Immanuel Velikovsky

In his final days, Albert Einstein supported and corresponded with Velikovsky regarding his Cataclysmic Evolution theory stating that, as opposed to Darwin’s theory, new species are only created in great ‘evolutionary upgrades’ that come to Earth suddenly in times when there is globally pervasive heat and radiation. 

The Orion Mystery, Robert Bauval

Bauval’s ‘Orion Correlation Theory’ states that the three great pyramids at Giza respectively correspond to the three stars of Orion’s Belt – and few will dispute this clear connection in plain sight, but it’s implications are very far-reaching.

The Origin Map, Thomas Brophy Ph.D.

Nabta Playa, located exactly on the Tropic of Cancer in Southern Egypt, is an astronomical observatory similar to Stonehenge, though much older. Nabta Playa displays evidence that it’s builder’s knew the extreme measures of the roughly 26,000 year precessional cycle, as well as the relative distances to six important stars and much more. You will be stunned by the level of intelligence, awareness and cleverness displayed in this ancient monument and by the man who decoded it all.

Moses and Akhenaten, Ahmed Osman

Osman is not the first to propose that Moses and the ‘Heretic King’, Akhenaten, may in fact have been the same person, but he is amongst the first to pose a solid argument. Akhenaten is arguably the most famous yet mysterious of all the pharaohs, as his legacy was nearly wiped from memory. His attempt to renew the ancient religion of Egypt was ultimately rejected by those of his day.


Science of the Dogon, Laird Scranton

Laird Scranton decodes the deepest meanings within the Dogon’s intricate symbolism. The Dogon are a remote tribe of Africa that demonstrates wisdom in league with the Egyptians, but a wisdom that is still alive today. Scranton shows the parallels of their cosmology and modern science.

The Sirius Mystery, Robert Temple

The Dogon were aware that Sirius is a binary star and though Sirius B is invisible to the naked eye, they were able to track its movement as it danced around Sirius A. 

The Hidden Records, Wayne Herschel

If you thought Bauval’s Orion Correlation Theory was eye-opening, get ready for Wayne Herschel. The act of bringing the heavens down to the earth with pyramids, megaliths, temples and geoglyphs (reflecting constellations in their groundplan), was actually executed around the world. Herschel’s side by side Earthmap/Starmap diagrams really drive the point home. For example, using the Nile to represent the milky way (in following with West and Bauval’s theories) he shows around 50 pyramids that line up to 50 of the brightest stars just north of the Milky Way.

The Secret History of the World, Mark Booth

Booth has attempted to ‘pull back the camera’ and cover an ambitious scope of occulted history in a single book. He draws out conclusions that are difficult to see when studying the specialized fields separately.

The Pythagorean Plato, Ernest McClain

A very little known work that may be the key to understanding Plato’s Atlantis account and it’s hidden message regarding the immutable laws of harmony.

Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, John Major Jenkins

From one of the few who found the true roots of the Mayan teachings about 2012 comes the description that demonstrates that the transition into a new world is not instantaneous and it IS underway.

The Cygnus Key, Andrew Collins

Gobekli Tepe in Southern Turkey is the ‘smoking gun’ archaeological site that is proving the existence of extremely advanced arts and civilization in ‘Zep Tepe’ – the so-called ‘First Time’ of the Egyptians.

Beyond the Black Sea, Brien Foerster

Brien Foerster is without a doubt the world expert on one of the most intriguing mysteries of the ancient world – the elongated skulls found throughout the world. He has been genetically testing these skulls and is discovering that they are quite different from our own. In fact, they do not appear to be human at all.

Anti-Gravity and the World Grid – David Hatcher Childress

Once we begin to understand that great lengths were taken to find specific points on the earth’s surface to build sacred monuments, we come to see the grand grid of  living energy that represents the acupuncture points and currents, so to speak, of the Earth’s body… and pyramids and obelisks are the needles stuck in to activate/utilize it.

Chariots of the Gods – Erich von Daniken

Though von Daniken may, at times, jump to conclusions, he is the father of ancient astronaut theory and has earned his place in history for starting the incredibly relevant conversation that many would join… Were the Gods from outer space?

Giants on Record, Hugh Newman

Enoch was not lying in his apocryphal book, and the biblical account of the Nephilem was no fairy tale. Giants once walked the earth but someone does not want humanity to know this. Someone sweeps it all under the rug.  [coughcough…Smithsonian…cough]

Forbidden Archaeology, Michael Cremo, Richard L. Thompson

There are no ‘out of place artifacts’, there are only ‘out of date theories’. We must follow the evidence wherever it leads and if the common theory is disproved, it must be rewritten.

Everything You Need to Know but Have Never Been Told, David Icke

The man who said the things that no one else dared to say. The elite powers of this world operate in sickening ways and it is difficult to process or accept, yet it is important for us to see things as they are so that we can claim personal freedom from the oppressors. Take what you will from David Icke.

Atlantis: the Antediluvian World, Ignatius Donnelly

ATLANTIS 101. The foundation case. The first, thorough, scientific study. 

The New View Over Atlantis, John Michell

ATLANTIS 102. The classic overview of the case for Atlantis, with a side focus on leylines.

Serpent of Light, Drunvalo Melchizedek

The Earth is a living being with its own Kundalini energy originating at the core and snaking out to a single point on the surface. For the last half-precessional cycle (roughly 13,000 years) it has resided in Tibet which has thus been the center of the world’s spiritual wisdom. In the mid 20th century it traversed slowly across the whole world until settling in its new home for another half precessional cycle – Peru and Chile.

Initiation, Elizabeth Haich

This is the autobiography of a Yoga teacher who came to recall her life as an Egyptian initiate. Haich’s detailed description of the ancient world hints at sciences that seem to corroborate the case for high technology in early Egypt.

Search for Omm Sety, Jonathon Cott

Similar to initiation, this book shows a remembrance of Egypt, but several of the details given have been validated by discoveries that took place since the time of it’s writing. That is, it had accurate information regarding things the writer could not have known at the time.

The Hiram Key, Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas

If you have always wondered what goes on within the Masonic Lodge and have considered joining, read the Hiram Key first. Two brethren discuss how they entered and really learned nothing, until they sought the answers independently.

Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln

Don’t read books about the Da Vinci Code, read the book that the Da Vinci Code was about.

Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell

The essential views of the world authority on mythology and the archetypal language of consciousness.

Hamlet’s Mill, Giorgio de Santillana, Hertha von Dechend

Ancient myths contain within them incredibly complex data coded into symbolic elements that effectively tell a secret story to those who are initiated to see. The timeless imagery of the great Millstone reflects the turning of the earth’s northern axis as it migrates through the zodiacal cycle, creating an oscillation between ages of wisdom and darkness.




The Official Edgar Cayce Readings, Edgar Cayce

There are few who would disagree that Cayce was probably the most gifted, prolific, hardworking and honest psychic of recent history if not all time. With over 14,000 readings, there is no disputing that he is responsible for the largest collection from a single psychic source, ever. On top of that, his accuracy is demonstrated 1,000 times over and his subject material confirms that Atlantis was real – that there was much more going on in ancient times than we realize.

The Undiscovered Self, Carl Jung

The man who brought the ‘subconscious mind’ into the realm of academic study. Jung brings the keys to the ‘eternal ones of the dream’ – the ever-present forces that shape the world from the archetypal realm. Few have done so much to break down the walls between mysticism and science.

Dragons of Eden, Carl Sagan

Sagan delved deeply into the philosophy and science of many fields including not only astronomy, but physics, biology and the natural evolution of consciousness. Later in life, some believe that he was heavily censored and some of his beliefs seem to have changed, but he said what he meant in the Dragons of Eden.

The Source Field Investigations, David Wilcock

The Law of One material makes many incredible statements that demonstrate technology and scientific principles that are centuries beyond our own. When Wilcock sets out to test the hypothesis, he finds boundless cold hard data from hundreds of different researchers which all proves that there is a grand authenticity to the information. Almost every page of this book will change the way you think. 

DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Rick Strassman

Strassman has stepped up to provide the first comprehensive study of the sacred chemical, DMT. It is present in every living being, secreted only at birth, death and in dreams. When taken, it can mimic the effects of death and can remove one from their body. It can connect one with the invisible web of akashic information that pervades every atom in the universe. This is the introductory course to one of the most incredible mysteries on earth which shines a light on the Books of the Dead in both Egypt and Tibet.

The Self-aware Universe, Amit Goswami

Goswami does not care whether you use the term God, the universe, or non-local consciousness, so long as you understand that everything in the universe gives and takes – breathes in and out – phases between wave and particle; between conception and manifestation. Ultimately, consciousness is the master of the material creation.

The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot

Basically The Matrix, the book. As we all know, the Matrix has very real themes within it that relate to many parables throughout history from Metropolis all the way to Plato’s allegory of the cave. Talbot’s take is a necessary consideration of the possibility that ‘this’ is not ‘base reality’.

Biocentrism, Robert Lanza, Bob Berman

Biology is the study of life, but the same can ultimately be said for science as a whole, philosophy, politics and even astronomy. In the whole english language, LIFE is perhaps the most indefinable word. Life and consciousness constitute the core mystery of existence and must be studied through every lens.

The Secret Life of Plants, Peter Tompkins, Christopher Bird

The classic exposition of the breakthrough science of Cleve Backster demonstrating that plants and other organic tissues ‘feel’ and respond to their environment and the living beings around them. In fact, it demonstrates that all living beings are in constant biocomminication (psychic dialogue) with their living environment. 

The Perennial Philosophy, Aldous Huxley

For the openminded atheist and theological scholar alike, this one pulls the pearls of wisdom from all religious traditions, places them side by side and demonstrates that within the words of the sages there are great truths, capable of enriching one’s life. Though these teachings have been contorted and deformed into corrupt, power-seeking institutions, if we are open to the original teachings, there is much to be gained.

LSD My Problem Child, Albert Hoffman

Hoffman did not write many books and he did not ask for the discovery that would change the world forever, but he did attempt to understand and explain it. There is only one first hand account.

The Psychedelic Experience, Timothy Leary

There is a reason for the psychedelic revolution and there is a reason that we are now beginning to understand the language of the ancient books that claim to disclose the secret world beyond death. Leary will always be remembered as one the foremost psychonauts on the front lines of the drug war.

Food of the Gods, Terence McKenna

Our relationship with psychoactive substances in their natural forms has played a key role in our physical, intellectual and spiritual evolution. Since we have been cut off from our plant and fungal allies, we have endured ‘the fall’ from paradise. If we want to pursue our collective evolutionary maturity, we must reestablish contact with these conscious kingdoms. There is no one better suited to diagnose this mass chemical imbalance than McKenna.

Mycelium Running, Paul Stamets

The reigning king of mushroom and mycological research has boiled down his passionate lifework into a single thesis – mushrooms CAN save the world. Mycelium is the neurological network of the earth – the mind of a whole forest. It can carry signals and beneficial nutrients for miles to bring them to a certain tree or grub that needs them. Stamet’s research could eliminate the world’s addiction to styrofoam, clean the toxic oil spills, purify water, restore the health of the world’s forests and more.


The Middle Pillar, Israel Regardie

The one book to read to understand the Qabbalistic Tree of Life – the Sephiroth. Balance yourself between the pillars of might and mercy, on the middle pillar.

The Real History of the Rosicrucians, Arthur Edward Waite

A history of the Rosy Cross by the guy who made your tarot deck. Waite’s literature has held a place in every magician’s library for over a century now.

Faust, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Complete Illuminated Works, William Blake

Blake’s work illustrates the transcendent nature of man – his higher bodies and the higher worlds they occupy. Combining art with poetry was a revolutionary act in his day and his fame popularized his brilliant occult wisdom and rich assortment of divine imagery.

New Atlantis, Francis Bacon

Bacon was, at one time, pretty much the king of the Western World. He was more or less responsible for the entire plan of the English Colonization of the Americas and for putting all the secret societies in places of power within the fledgeling government. He was the commanding head of nearly every secret order present in Europe and America and according to Manly Hall, was the source of the Shakespeare plays, which he wrote in order to evolve the English language into one more suited for science and reason.




The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran

There is a reason that this book has never been out of print since its original publication in 1923 and why it has been translated into well over 100 languages, making it one of the most translated books in history. It is because Kahlil Gibran can take life’s most challenging situations and distill from them the essence of eternal truth within, reducing them to mere sentences that can be taken like medicine. 

The Way of the Sufi, Idries Shah

Within Christianity is the hidden archive of the Vatican. Within Judaism is the Mystical doctrine of the Kabbalah. Likewise, Sufi mysticism is the fixture of metaphysical wisdom at the core of Islam. Few have sought to explain the Sufi way of life to English readership, but Idries Shah has broken the silence with his lyrical philosophy.

The Essential Rumi, Rumi

Sufi wisdom bleeds through Rumi’s poetic explorations. He has been recognized for his rich symbolism and spiritual insight. 

In Search of the Miraculous, P. D. Ouspensky

Ouspensky is your portal into the world of Gurdjieff, whose teachings may need some introduction. Gurdjieff found it somewhat hard to write because he always intended to speak directly to the student in his presence; to choose his terminolgy based on the systems their own mind was attuned to. His star student, Ouspensky, made the message a bit easier to interpret for a mass audience.

All and Everything: Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson, G. I. Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff could almost be called a Sufi at first, but then we realize that he saw no distinction between any religion or philosophy that genuinely sought truth. Then we realize that he rose above them all, took every one of their useful aspects and built an entirely new framework for achieving enlightenment – the Fourth Way. If at first you cannot grasp Gurdjieff, try, try again. 

Shambhalla, Chogyam Trungpa

The most controversial Rinpoche in recent history was also the one responsible for the mass introduction of Tibetan Buddhism to the United States. Trungpa was fond of American culture and sought to adopt western traditions, even drinking and smoking, but his openness to American culture led to American openness to his own, and thus he delivered timeless Buddhist wisdom to the land of relative ignorance. 

Be Here Now, Ram Dass

The classic, Be Here Now, was the conduit through which many partakers in the psychedelic revolution of the 60’s discovered the wisdom of the East. This book was a monumental fixture in the rise of the ‘Guru-seeker’ trend. 

Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda

Yogananda’s classic autobiography is also amongst the earliest entrances of eastern thought into America. Particularly, Yogananda is owed a great deal of the credit for the American Yoga craze that took off throughout the 20th century and continues to grow. This book has changed many lives, so despite it’s popularity, it must be included here.

An Introduction to Buddhism, The Dalai Lama

In this incarnation alone, His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet has penned countless books and so it is hard to choose a single one for this list. One enlightened being can enlighten an entire planet. We have at least one…




Isis Unveiled, Helena P. Blavatsky

If you read only one more book for the rest of your life, it should be Isis Unveiled. To those who were paying attention, Blavatsky was a shining beacon of occult wisdom. She was, like Hermes Trismegistus, the messenger from a higher world, bringing clarity and direction to the human purpose. She was the one who broke through to the limitless gnosis of the Ascended Masters and she was their choice as a mouthpiece on Earth. Isis Unveiled sets history straight and establishes the truths and falsehoods previously held within the spiritualism movement of the 19th century, not to mention, man’s overall theory of reality.

One Life, One Law, Mabel Collins

What happens when you die? What happens when animals die? What barriers are you building for yourself on the other side by the act killing? Collins incredible descriptions of the ‘borderlands’ will transform the way you view every living being.


Cosmic Memory, Rudolph Steiner

Steiner, though inventing his own Anthroposophy, was also a theosophist and his work stood alone in his day to continue the investigation begun by Blavatsky. Cosmic Memory beautifully illustrates the concept of the Root Races of humanity and the overall unfoldment of the potentials of the human form.

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East (6 Volumes), Baird T. Spalding

A team of Harvard scientists set off to dismiss, once and for all, the claims made regarding the Holy Men of the East and the supernatural feats they claim to perform. Day one does not go well for their cause, as they are purely baffled by what they they observe. Every year that Spalding chose to remain with the Masters, he wrote another installment of Life and Teachings, and the story grew more and more unbelievable.




Black Elk Speaks, Black Elk, John G. Neihardt

Black Elk, Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux, tells all regarding the genocide of his people, the holy visions he was given and the mankind’s path towards restoring the sacred balance. Black Elk’s account demonstrates that access to the higher planes of existence is a universal experience – that the shamanistic doctrine is immutable and transcendent. 

Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee, Dee Brown

The telling of the tale that must never be forgotten. Sitting Bull bravely defends the last vestiges of his people’s dignity against the evil agenda of colonialism.

The Teachings of Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda

Fiction? Non Fiction? You decide! Castaneda’s works blend reality with storytelling, but at their roots, they are expressions of real forces and processes. These books have changed many lives due to their perspective-bending themes.

Grandmothers Speak: A Call to Power, Sharon McErlane

The Indigenous Grandmothers are spread throughout the world, bearing some of humanities greatest secrets. They have emerged to speak about the path before us and our return to knowledge.

The Book of Destiny, Carlos Barrios

Unleash the power of the Mayan calendar. Look up your birthday, and friend’s birthdays, to determine your Mayan day sign. The origins of the Tzolkin Cycle are unknown but it’s accuracy speaks for itself. By following along with the energies present on each of these days, we can learn to make the most out of every day. Enrich your life with this master tool. 


The Problem of Increasing Human Energy, Nikola Tesla

Tesla was not big on writing, as he was focused, his whole life, on inventing and solving the various crises of his day. Had he been allowed to pursue this mission in it’s fullness, we would not have a single wire on any of our appliances today. We would not be paying any money for energy, all energy would be clean and renewable and we would have access to more than we would ever need. Tesla’s work is an essential piece of the world-peace puzzle.

The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Jon Perkins

Perkins blows the lid off of the incredibly subtle, yet effective imperialism that the US has secretly unleashed unto the world. One could not ask for a more thorough account of the purely evil agenda of certain intelligence agencies, global bankers and corporate interests. This is an absolute ‘must read’.

The Creature From Jekyll Island, G. Edward Griffin

The Federal Reserve is neither Federal, nor in possession of any kind of ‘reserve’. The Federal Reserve is a cruel deception that has been pulled over the eyes of the entire world. Hidden deep beneath countless layers of linguistic labyrinths and bureaucratic  fine print, we find the true nature of the beast that has literally fooled most of the world into servitude to a handful of men.

Talks to Young People, Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara

The voice of a revolution relating the struggle against imperialism to the youth. After successfully aiding in Cuba’s fight for independence, Che went on to join the fight in Bolivia, where he was eventually killed by a CIA trained Military unit. Forever a martyr of revolutionary ideals and the potential merits of socialism on a manageable scale, Che’s few shared words are treasured by those across the world who he has inspired.

The People’s History of the United States, Howard Zinn

It would be lovely to live in a world in which public education includes unbiased accounts of history as it actually happened. Unfortunately, we must rely instead on independent historians to speak the often painful truth. Luckily, we have Howard Zinn – always eager to call out a corrupt system on its violations of human rights and liberty.

The World As I See It, Albert Einstein

Einstein’s genius extends far beyond the realm theoretical physics. His insight into humanity’s greatest needs and challenges offers a sobering reflection on a civilization that is largely just wandering around in the dark and toying with powerful technologies.

Brief Answers to the Big Questions, Stephan Hawking

In the final days of his life, Stephen Hawking left one final, consolidated and conclusive summary of what he has deemed the ‘big questions’ and what he has come to suspect are their most likely answers. 


Popul Vuh

Nearly all the sacred texts of the highly advanced mystical religions of Native American civilizations were destroyed during colonization. All the complex cosmologies kept by the Maya, Aztec, Toltec, Mixtec and even more Northerly tribes like the Anasazi can largely be traced back to the Mother Civilization – the Olmec. Of all these traditions, nearly nothing remains in writing aside from the Popul Vuh, making it one of the most important books in the world.

Enuma Elish

Often considered to be the oldest books in the world, the Sumerian Creation epic was inscribed on many cuneiform tablets. Basically, this canon is the uncensored version of the Bible. When reading the texts, we quickly realize, if we had not already, that the  texts of the old testament were plagiarized, often word for word, from texts that survived from the Sumerian age if not far longer. In Egypt, India and even the Western Hemisphere, writing systems may have been in development and within all these cultures, the subject matter that was first written was oral accounts of the culture’s history and most treasured wisdom.

Gnostic Bible

In the third century AD, a self-interested sect of ‘christians’ operating largely out of Alexandria, Egypt took it upon themselves to decide which accounts of the Christian Messiah’s teachings should be included the canon that would command divine authority; AKA the New Testament. BUT there were many mystic followers of Jesus’ inner teachings as well as practitioner’s of the original Egyptian religion (or what was left of it) who went to great lengths to make copies of the texts deemed heretical by the council. The Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Sea Scrolls, containing numerous Gnostic Gospels and even portions of the Hermetica, have been uncovered and revealed. They show us that the editors of the Bible have conveniently avoided publishing any material that may contain truly enlightening teachings and keys to our origins.

 Book of Enoch

The histories recounted by Enoch are perhaps the only book that has ever claimed antediluvian origins. That is, it is supposed to have been ‘written’ before the great flood. It describes a world of giants; a world in turmoil and chaos, much like Plato’s description of Atlantis just before the fall. 

Nag Hammadi Scriptures

The Apocryphal books that describe Jesus’ love for Mary, his magical practices and his travels in pursuit of gnosis. The Gnostic Gospels of Nag Hammadi display Jesus not as a generic prophet, but as an incredibly gifted adept of the Mysteries whose dedication to his own training blended with natural talent led to the development of his healing abilities. We come to know ‘Jesus the Magi’ and his true message – the Kingdom of Heaven lies within each of us.

Emerald Tablets


The Corpus Hermeticum represents the fragments of teachings that survived the centuries of a slowly declining Egyptian civilization. Hermes was the Greek name for the Egyptian Thoth, God of Wisdom and inventor of the arts and sciences, including writing so, once again, we are dealing with very early material. The impact of the Hermetica can scarcely be overstated. In fact, it’s discovery was one of the primary sparks that initiated the Renaissance and Enlightenment.


The Kybalion is another text that sheds light on the magical traditions of Egypt, Greece and all the Mediterranean regions between, including Persian, Zoroastrian and Chaldean elements. 

Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

The classic text that emerged in the age when the Rosicrucian Brotherhood stepped out of the shadows and into the public. The Rosicrucians claim that man is of divine origin and that with practice and discipline, we can progress closer to a purified state and redeem our place as conscious creators of reality. They teach methods of self purification that often overlap the Hermetic principles as well as the allegory of the alchemical formation of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Sefer Yetzirah

The Book of Creation is one of the very few principle texts of Kabbalism. The Kabbalah is really the core doctrine of Judaism, and it could be said that the Pentateuch is also a principle text. The Sefer Yetzirah delves into the mystical interpretations of the ten Sephirahs of the Tree of Life. The inner mysteries of Judaism are largely unknown to even to many practicing Jews. 


The Zohar is another of the core texts used in studying the Kaballah. It provides insight into the symbolism within Old Testament.



Zoroastrianism was the first major monotheistic faith, paving the way for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Though today it is practically forgotten, it was once practiced throughout the Persian Empire around modern day Iran. The Avesta represents another stage in the shift from ‘the Gods’ to ‘God’.

Bhagavad Gita

It is said that the Bhagavad Gita can be studied for a whole lifetime without revealing all its wisdom. As Arjuna steps onto the battlefield, he feels torn as to whether he should fight. When Krishna appears to him, he receives one of the most cherished lectures of all time, as the grand truths of the universe are unfolded before him.  


The Upanishads are a portion of the Vedas. Both are collections of books that are somewhat undefined in terms of how many there are, which are the principle ones and so on. The Vedas are also difficult to date since they were some of the very first texts written in early sanskrit, and again, this means that they likely came from oral traditions which may have extended much further into the past. The Upanishads are basically the Hindu Bible, containing the majority of the primary Hindu teachings.


This beloved Hindu epic, with one hundred thousand stanzas, is one of the longest poems ever written. The Mahabarata touches on nearly every imaginable aspect of life.

Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

Before the great sage Lao Tzu wandered off into solitude for his later years, his devotees begged him to put his enlightened philosophy into written form. Many a soul has benefitted because he obliged.

I Ching

This is another book that is more than a book – it is a divinitory tool. The I Ching is read more like a Tarot deck than a book. Use the coins or just use the faithful ‘open to a random page’ technique. The I Ching can help you process the constant transformations of your life. 

Tibetan Book of the Dead

This book is not only studied in life, but is also read aloud to the deceased to offer reminders and provide guidance to them in the world of the dead. Tibetan Buddhism has ancient roots which it has largely preserved, making it a unique cache of wisdom. The Book of the Dead shares similarities with the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Both demonstrate knowledge so detailed and complex, that it seems to be the result of an advanced scientific discipline.

Egyptian Book of the Dead

Literally every single aspect of life for the Egyptian initiate was underscored by an effort to progress towards immortality. This meant finding ways to experience lucid consciousness through dreams or perhaps by other methods. One thing is sure – the Egyptians were incredibly intelligent and disciplined. Scholarship tends to treat the underworld texts as hallucinations or inventions of superstitious minds, but the Egyptians would not have held this sacred science in such high regard if it was not based in truth. 


The classic Finnish Epic that pulls together a mythological tradition passed down in poems and songs. The strong imagery of the mill, descibed in Hamlet’s Mill, plays a prominent role in describing the passing of the ages.


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