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     Opus Magnum is a collection of free resources that all share a single function – to aid in the unfoldment of humanity’s full potential. OM believes that our existence has a purpose and that we, as a species, have not yet reached our evolutionary maturity. However, mankind has been given many aids to help it recognize and approach these aspirations. On this site, we have collected many such insights in the form of books, articles, interviews, lectures, art, and more with the intention of providing accessibility and guidance to concepts and fields of study that are oftentimes difficult to approach.

     We follow new research being carried out worldwide that sheds light on our ancient history and even origins, and you may be surprised by how much relevant information we can learn from our distant ancestors. We also share illuminating thoughts and passages from notable historical figures and sacred traditions. We analyze every clue from all ages that might lead to a better understanding of the lesson that humanity is currently meant to be learning.

     This extends largely into modern day events and the need to protect our planet’s delicate ecology. We approach the solutions to our world’s most immediate concerns, emphasizing the ground work that must laid in order to build an enlightened global community. We must learn to gain sovereignty over our own minds and lives. We must escape from indentured servitude, which is today known by its gentler name, capitalism. 

     It is not an easy road. The path is made of tribulations and challenges, but if ours eyes are open, each can be met not as an attacker, but as a teacher. We must climb up a steep and narrow path towards the truth, but all it takes is an initial spark – the recognition of an answer. Once we simply realize that there is an answer, we will find all the willpower needed to pursue it. In fact, the large part of our former lives may become forgotten to us, as it pales in significance to the understanding that God-consciousness is within grasp. 

     There are ways of hastening the process, but essentially we are all bound for this end. As long as we are reasonably virtuous and our actions benefit the commonwealth more than they harm it, we are always making progress in the right direction. The self interested, however, who make their billions with other people’s labor, are only building prisons for their own souls.

     SO, if you are interested in esoteric development, mental and physical purification, rewriting pre-history, finding purpose and fulfillment, escaping the wheel of Karma, unlocking your higher psychic faculties and ascending towards the next stages of consciousness, you might just be in the right place. Have you outgrown your old world?

     You may want to like and subscribe on Facebook … Youtube … and email (to the right)… Much of our site is still being built. To see the features that we will be adding, visit the ABOUT PAGE and to contribute click HERE.

     Below is a sampling of some of the overall curriculum we feature. These books have been selected for their ability to change lives – as a preliminary criteria. They are brilliantly written and contain revolutionary ideas that can change the world, if indeed they have not already done so. ENJOY!

We are still in our ‘formative’ stages. So far the site consists of:

  • Free digital PDF library stocked with hundreds of scanned books on Alchemy, Hermeticism, Theosophy and other metaphysical themes.
  • The Opus Magnum Master List – 100 of the most powerful and enlightening books ever written. These works were chosen because in one way or another, each one presents something new and original to world. Each one breaks a paradigm, each provides a vital clue to a grand mystery which can be seen with greater and greater clarity as you process through them. 
  • Comprehensive Author list, containing every book published by all the worlds greatest writers of every age! (In construction)
  • The Opus Magnum Youtube Channel – A definitive collection of interviews, lectures, documentaries, fiction and more. THIS ‘Spiritual Netflix’ is FREE. (Also under Construction)


Our mission statement is identical to the original slogan of the Theosophical Society –

     By using our links on the OM 100 list, you will be given the lowest price for a given book and at no expense to you, Opus Magnum will receive a small commission from each sale. This means that you are buying incredible books and at the same time, supporting Opus Magnum’s ability to reach further audiences and expand the services offered. Here is a list of the features that will be coming soon…

  • A full bookstore with tens of thousands of titles hand selected for the ‘intellectual initiate’. By affiliating with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, eBay, Abe Books, and many more, we are guaranteeing that you will get the best price on the web and that we will have access to the widest possible selection to source from!
  • Auction deals on rare, out of print and signed editions.
  • Course Material – developed by Opus Magnum to give informative direction to anyone seeking to expand their knowledge.
  • Treasure Chest – A physical library containing thousands of books that will be available for use or sale, online or in person. These will be used and new books. 
  • Book Club – For a small fee, you will be able to set up a cue that sends you a new book every month. You can build your cue from ANY of the titles in the Treasure Chest (thousands to choose from). 
  • Book of the Month – Each month we will collectively read and share opinions on a particularly relevant book.
  • Discussion Forums – For every subject of interest, OM will host a unique public forum. The ‘Great Work’ involves everyone and we aim to allow maximum participation. We want to know your favorite books and ideas so that they can be incorporated into OM’s structural curriculum.
  • Image Gallery containing restored esoteric imagery from every land and age. Largely, this feature will focus on the Alchemical symbolism of the medieval and Renaissance era.
  • ART for Purchase – This gallery will include modern art originals and prints. Eventually we would like to host folk arts from around the world. In particular, ancient arts, indigenous arts and those that relate to spiritual or intellectual growth. Some examples may be textiles, sculptures/statuettes, replicas of artifacts, ritual objects, orgonite, jewelry, prayer flags, etc…
  • The Opus Magnum Research Institute – We will be creating a unique space that will house our library, somewhere in upstate NY, and will provide a space for solitude, reflection, meditation and, of course, reading. Affordable rooms will be available by the night, week or month, so you can take a break from life and visit the beautiful Catskill Mountains with access to thousands of the world’s greatest books at a philosopher’s retreat and study center.
  • University – Courses for credit, both online and offline – in the spirit of Manly Hall’s University of Philosophic Research. (Someday…)
  • Publishing Company – To reproduce many of the greatest works of historical literature as well as new translations of scarcely known works and new authors who ‘fit the bill’.


These are the goals of Opus Magnum – to build the the Great Philosopher’s City – the CIVITAS SOLIS – Hermetic City of the Sun! The Great Work requires all hands on deck so your support and contributions are greatly appreciated.


Opus Magnum thanks you for your input. Crowdsourced recommendations help us to determine material that is proven useful. It is our aim to only list a book if it has been personally verified to have had a meaningful impact on its reader. For this reason, we greatly appreciate your participation. Also, if you are interested in learning more about certain subjects, just ask. We can point you in the right direction…

Enjoy Opus Magnum? All donations are greatly appreciated!

A Cry for Help..!

Opus Magnum is NOT experienced in web development by any means and is running into numerous issues regarding WordPress and Woocommerce. Anyone who has experience in these fields, and would be interested in earning a $100 gift certificate for our bookstore, (which will hopefully get online…) PLEASE get in touch! As described above, the site is currently a fraction of what it is meant to be, but with your help, we can do great things! Respond above or message us on Facebook!

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