A critical history of the doctrine of a future life

After Death and Other Mysteries

Beyond the shadow

Buddhism and immortality

Death and beyond a study of Hebrew and Christian conceptions of the life to come

Death and Beyond

Death and Its Mystery

Do the dead still live

Eternal life

Four great questions regarding the future life

God, the soul, and a future state

Hereafter – The future life according to science and faith

Human destinies as taught in the Bible

Human immortality two supposed objections to the doctrine

Immortality and Modern Thought

Immortality and the new theodicy

Immortality and the unseen world a study in Old Testament religion


Is life worth living without immortality

Is the life of man eternal

Is there any evidence that Man is Immortal

Is There Immortality in Sin and Suffering

Life after death – Swedenborg

Life after death, or reason and relaxation on the immortality of the soul

Life beyond death

Mysteries of life death and futurity

Quiet talks about life after death

Science and Immortality



Studies in eschatology

The after life

The assurance of immortality

The belief in immortality and the worship of the dead 1

The Day after Death – Our future life according to science

The Egyptian conception of immortality

The eternal life

The four last things – death judgment hell heaven

The future state

The gospel of the hereafter

The life beyond

The philosophy of a future state

The physical basis of immortality

The Secret of Life Death and Immortality

The struggle for eternal life

The world beyond

The world to come and final destiny

There is no Death – Marryat

There is no Death – Wilberforce

This life and the next impressions and thoughts of notable men and women from Plato to Ruskin

Thoughts on eternal life Voices of the Night