A concise history of chemistry

A discourse on the worship of Priapus

A History of Chemical Theory

A history of chemistry from earliest times to the present day

A new light of alchymie

A select bibliography of chemistry

A Short History of Chemistry – Venable

A Tract of Great Price

Alchemy – The Ancient Science

Alchemy – The Art Of Transformation

Alchemy Ancient And Modern

Alchemy and The Alchemist 1857

Alchemy Its Science and Romance

Alchemy Key

Alchemy Of Happiness

Alchemy Unveiled

An easie introduction to the philosophers magical gold

Basil Valentine his triumphant chariot of antimony

Better Living Through Alchemy

Catalogue of a very rare and curious collection of the different editions of the works of Paracelsus

Catalogue of Works on Alchemy and Chemistry

Chemistry and civilization

Cloud Upon The Sanctuary

Collectanea chymica

Conceptions of Matter Ancient and Modern

Contributions of alchemy to numismatics

Essays biographical and chemical

Essays in historical chemistry

Fasciculus Chemicus – Chymical collections of the most famous authors

Four books of Johannes Segerus Weidenfeld

From Alchemy To Chemistry

hermetic an alchemical writings vol1 1894

hermetic and alchemical writings vol2

Heroes of Science – Chemists

History of Chemistry – Thorpe 1

History of Chemistry – Thorpe 2

Mirror Of Alchemy

New Chapters in the Warfare of Science

Occult Chemistry

Of the chymical transmutation the genealogy and generation of metals and minerals – Of the Urim and Thummim of the Jews

Paracelsus on the supreme mysteries of nature

Pharmaceutical preparations

Philosopher’s Tincture

Practical Alchemy Course

Recent Inquiries Into the Early History of Chemistry

Religion and chemistry

Remarks upon alchemy and the alchemists

Rosa Alchema

Some early treatises on technological chemistry

Spiritual Alchemy – The Inner Path

Splendor Solis alchemical treatises of Solomon Trismosin

Story Of Alchemy And The Beginnings Of Chemistry

Studies In Alchemy

The alchemical essence and 1894

The Kybalion

The lives of alchemystical philosophers

The mystery and romance of alchemy and pharmacy

The Mystic Thesaurus

The philosophical epitaph of W.C. Esquire

The Story of Chemistry

The story of the five elements

The Way to Bliss

The Works of Jacob Boehme 1

The Works of Jacob Boehme 2

The Works of Jacob Boehme 3

The Works of Jacob Boehme 4

Theatrum chemicum britannicum

Thesaurus incantatus

Tower Of Alchemy – An Advanced Guide To The Great Work

Treasure Of Treasures For Alchemists

Treatise On The Great Art

Visualization In Medieval Alchemy